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10 Luxury Pens and Accessories for Him

What could be more beautiful for a pen enthusiast/collector than a classic Montblanc? Perhaps an iconic Smythson Notebook or a new ink? Because it’s not long until the festive season and since no one likes to buy last-minute gifts, we’ve rounded up 10 luxury pens and accessories that you can gift to your loved ones. So here we kick off the first series of gifts for gentlemen.

design07 Sterling Silver Corn Guilloche Silver-Gold

The flagship pen of Otto Hutt Germany is already a favourite of enthusiasts and collectors, and this year the brand has added a new version to its design07 series. Made of sterling silver and featuring a fine corn guilloche, this pen not only serves as a writing instrument, but is also a beautiful piece of jewellery to display on your desk. The premium writing experience is also guaranteed by the 18k gold nib.

Price: € 875,00

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149

The iconic 149 needs no introduction and is probably the most unique gift to consider. The precious black resin gives it a wonderful lustre and the cigar shape makes it a timeless piece. 
It would make an excellent gift for a businessman or a college graduate.

Price: € 890,00

Smythson Portobello Notebook with Slide Closure in Mara

It’s clear that every gentleman needs a notebook he can rely on. Whether we’re talking daily notes or planning, a stylish notebook is an essential gift. Crafted from luxurious crocodile-embossed calf leather, the Portobello notebook in mushroom brown comes with 192 leaves of gilt-edged, pale blue Featherweight paper and makes a cool accessory for his office.

Price: € 335,00

Montegrappa Elmo 02 Cortina

For gentlemen who are new to the world of pens, I thought this Montegrappa Elmo 02 would be just ideal. Even if it doesn’t compete on price with previous models, this Elmo is no exception when it comes to writing performance or appearance. In terms of shape, it has the DNA of the classic Elmo, but stands out for its marbled pattern in shades of green, black and blue, specific to Montegrappa.

Price: € 295,00

Montblanc Homage to Arthur Conan Doyle, Ink Bottle 50 ml

Ink cannot be missing from a gentleman’s collection and yes, it’s never enough. With lots of shades available on the market, I thought this shade of Scarlet Red would fit right in with the festive season. And it looks great on one’s desk, too.

Price: € 40,00

Graf von Faber-Castell Magnum Caucasian Walnut Wood

Wooden pens have always had their charm, even more so during the winter holidays. Perhaps for the unique textures, or the specific warmth, they are a favourite among enthusiasts. Speaking of wooden pens, the new Graf von Faber-Castell Magnum in Caucasian Walnut could be the perfect gift. It is imposing with a well-defined silhouette and stands out due to the unique textures of the walnut wood, but it’s the 18k gold nib engraved with the Count’s coat of arms that gives it a royal flair.

Price:  € 983,00

Travel pouch Cashmere, Dark Brown

If he already has a pen, then maybe a pen pouch would come just in handy. This travel pouch bag in dark brown is crafted from soft Italian calfskin with a unique embossed grain. To ensure that even the most luxurious instruments are stored safely the craftsmen at Graf von Faber-Castell opted for an interior lining made of Alcantara. 

Price: € 250,00

El Casco Gold Pencil Sharpener

This classic sharpener from El Casco is the epitome of luxury. Crafted from steel and zamak with copper, nickel and 23k gold plated elements, this sharpener exudes sophistication and is sure to embellish his desk.

Price: € 623,00

Ralph Lauren Brennan Leather Desk Blotter

A gentleman certainly needs a desk pad on which to write letters or sign documents and I thought nothing could be more suitable for that than Ralph Lauren’s classic Brennan Leather Desk Blotter made of leather with hand-stitched details. Not only does it look elegant, but it’s also practical due to the groove on the left side for pencils and pens.

Price: € 800,00

Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil Desk Set Brown

This one is for old school collectors who appreciate the simple act of writing with a pencil. Well, not just an ordinary pencil, but the Perfect Pencil by Graf von Faber-Castell. Each case comes with a platinum-plated Perfect Pencil, four replacement pocket pencils and four spare erasers being enough for quite a while. This will not only make a desk sparkle, but will surely melt a pencil enthusiast’s heart.

Price: € 480,00

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