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5 Autumnal Ink Colors

If in September we still felt the last remnants of summer, with October autumn finally settled in. Forests, parks and everything that used to be green till yesterday is slowly turning rusty, like a scene out of a fairy tale. Apart from the magical orange-hued sceneries, this is also the time to celebrate the harvest season or indulge in a delicious pumpkin pie or more. Or maybe it’s a good time to write a letter to an old friend in the comfort of your own home? And because I’ve always been fascinated by the wonderful color palette that autumn has to offer, I’ve picked out FIVE ink colours to match the season. 

Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo

Coming in a beautiful, rich purple shade, Pilot’s Yama-budo has always reminded me of dark, ripe grapes in a vineyard. It’s one of my favorite inks and I feel like it’s a great fit for the fall season, although lately it has become my everyday ink. 

Price: € 23,90 

Ferris Wheel Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is definitely Pumpkin Season. Whether we’re talking pumpkins for pies or for carving (because Halloween is fast approaching), pumpkins have long been a symbol of autumn. If you like their beautiful shade of orange as well, then this ink from Ferris Wheel might be for you! Write a few fall quotes on a piece of paper while indulging in a pumpkin custard pie or a creamy pumpkin spice latte. 

Price: € 24,00

Sailor Shikiori Wakauguisu

Before reaching their rusty, autumn splendour, the leaves of the trees turn brownish-green, a lovely shade that is best captured by Sailor’s Shikiori Waka-uguisu. For me, this shade inspires the beginning of autumn when the temperatures are still pleasant but the surrounding scenery becomes much more charming.

Price: € 14,50

Pennonia Chestnut Brown 

Chestnuts hold a special place in my heart since childhood. As a child, I would often walk down one of the neighborhood alleys filled with chestnut trees picking handfuls of chestnuts because I was fascinated by their color and shape. Chestnuts are always reminiscent of my childhood and autumn being the reason why I mentioned this gorgeous shade of brown from Pennonia (soon in my collection).

Price: € 11,90

KWZ Old Gold

Every time I put this ink to paper I imagine myself strolling down a park with golden trees on a lovely Sunday afternoon. It’s not that yellow ink you’d expect, as it has some dark tones that give it a unique charm. While I’m not a huge fan of yellow inks, this one has won me over. 

Price: € 10,90

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