Author: Andrew Chorley


Eboya x Yukari

For quite some time now I have been looking high and low for someone willing to take up the mantel for completing custom urushi work and when I say custom work, someone that would be able to work on my designs. Typically speaking in the past this is something many […]


Introduction to Maki-e

Over a thousand years of history and celebrated worldwide, Maki-e is perhaps one of the best-known styles of lacquering in the world. Please read on to discover my fascination with this age-old technique. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must confess I am not the foremost expert on this topic! However, […]


Nakaya Akitsu-shima

Today we take a look at a Nakaya, featuring a contemporary interpretation of a symbolic insect of Japan.  Background Nakaya specialises in Urushi and Maki-e and as such are more pricey than your regular pens. For those that don’t know Nakaya and Platinum are closely linked together, with retired platinum employees making […]


Pilot Custom 823 Review

In the year 2000, the 823 was born and since then has become one of Pilot’s biggest success stories. With thanks to the vacuum filled barrel, this pen really sets it apart from the rest of Pilot’s line up and one could argue, with any pen within this price range. What […]

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Nakaya and Namiki comparison

Today’s focus will be on two of the best-known brands for urushi and maki-e! That being Namiki and Nakaya. In today’s article, we will be covering what urushi is, the history of both companies, similarities, differences, a comparison and what one should consider when making their next purchase. First off, let’s discuss […]