Author: Andrew Chorley


Debunking Myths

Fountain pens have not always been seen as the most practical of items. However, in this article, I hope to be able to dispel some of these myths. Some of these myths I hope to debunk include leaking, too hard to use, too hard to maintain, and too delicate to […]


Eboya x Yukari

For quite some time now I have been looking high and low for someone willing to take up the mantel for completing custom urushi work and when I say custom work, someone that would be able to work on my designs. Typically speaking in the past this is something many […]


Introduction to Maki-e

Over a thousand years of history and celebrated worldwide, Maki-e is perhaps one of the best-known styles of lacquering in the world. Please read on to discover my fascination with this age-old technique. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must confess I am not the foremost expert on this topic! However, […]


Nakaya Akitsu-shima

Today we take a look at a Nakaya, featuring a contemporary interpretation of a symbolic insect of Japan.  Background Nakaya specialises in Urushi and Maki-e and as such are more pricey than your regular pens. For those that don’t know Nakaya and Platinum are closely linked together, with retired platinum employees making […]