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Five great pen pouches for your pens

Great pens require proper care, right? Even though you tend to put the pens inside the jacket’s pocket, in the bag, or elsewhere, it turns out that the safest method to carry your pens is obviously by using a pen pouch. That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at five pen pouches of different sizes and designs. That said, come join us to discover our selection of pen pouches that might already be on your list or in your collection.

Graf von Faber-Castell Epsom Pen Pouch for 1 Pen

Graf von Faber-Castell it’s a brand that has always fascinated us with their high-quality writing intruments and all the German precision they put into them. Their pen pouches are no exception, that’s why we’ve selected one and we’ll describe it briefly. This one like many in this line, it’s made of Italian calfskin, a material that is highly appreciated by leather experts for the excellent quality and properties: tough but supple, attributes that make it perfect for any kind of fine crafting products. This pen pouch comes in a cognac shade with an aesthetically pleasing grain leather at exterior and a smooth leather in interior, and it can fit only one pen but there are several models available which can fit up to 3 pens. To sum up, take a look at the contrasting seams, a really nice detail to complement the cognac tones of the pouch.

Price: EUR 96

S.T. Dupont Atelier Blue Pen Case

Sophistication seems to be French’s main language and they speak it so fluently… Dupont, the french manufacturer has some really beautiful  pen pouches and we couldn’t omit them from our list. This Atelier Pen Case is made of vegetable natural calfskin leather and comes in a beautifully painted midnight blue shade with a handmade patina which somehow tells me exactly how to pair this beauty – with a very nice blue patina Oxfords. The incredible look is complemented by the Dupont logo gold embossed along with the winged wheel hot stamping Atelier 1872 signature. Thanks to its patina this pen case is by far the most interesting one we’ve seen.

Price: EUR 195

Montblanc Sartorial 1 Pen Pouch Foldable

This one takes the form on an envelope and it has such an interesting and slim design. Crafted from the finest Saffiano leather according to the highest standards of quality, this pen pouch is the expression of modern elegance. It can fit one writing instrument the size of Meisterstuck Classique or LeGrand and what’s nice about it it’s that when it contains a pen it has a triangular shape but when it’s empty the sides can be folded and it becomes flat taking up minimum space. We enjoy the idea of thinner pen pouches because they are very portable but when they’re good looking, we like them even more.

Price: EUR 87

Caran d’Ache Leman Turquoise Pen Holder

Refreshing shades of turquoise on this pen pouch from Maison Caran d’Ache. Made of velvety calfskin leather in a bright shade of turquoise, the pen pouch can fit any Leman pen and it was designed to match all the leather goods in the collection. In terms of construction, it looks like a really well built pen pouch, the seams are well stitched and we like the leather texture which feels nice to the touch. This shade of turquoise just reminded us of those magical turquoise hues of the water around Sardinia Island… that’s why we believe this one might be that kind of pen pouch one would take on vacation at the sea side.

Price: EUR 112

Visconti 12 Pen Case

For those large collections of writing instruments we’ve selected something spacious yet elegant because as you may see, Visconti has taken care of details even on this. Made of fine leather, the pen case looks very rigid which means your pens will stay securely inside and you don’t have to worry about anything. When you take a closer look at the zipper pulley, you’ll see that it’s made in the shape of a Visconti nib, a really fine detail that the Italian manufacturer took care of.

Price: EUR 238

Let us know if you own any pen pouch from this list or share with us your favourite ones in the comments section below.


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