Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio series – reliable yet refined writing instruments

Graf von Faber Castell needs no introduction when it comes to fine writing instruments. If I were to describe in few words this german brand I would say so: remarkable and long tradition, quality craftsmanship and refined designs. Today, I’m going to present to you the Tamitio Series – a line with a clean design and an interesting color scheme.

Tamitio is by far the most reliable series from Graf von Faber Castell and the less expensive one, but even so, it embodies elegance due to its great and minimalist design along with the well-made construction. Definitely, an eye-catcher, each writing tool from this collection has its character due to the 6 different chromatic nuances. You can choose from 4 types of instruments such as fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and a finewriter. No matter which is the proper writing instrument for you, the Tamitio is ready to become your daily writing companion and also the stylish accessory you were looking for.

Now let’s get through the features of each model from this entry-level series and join me to discover why I think Tamitio is a pretty nice line. First of all, the design is similar for each writing tool with a few minor differences in appearance from one to another, but I want to keep the focus on the fountain pen.

Fountain pen

For instance, the barrel of the fountain pen is crafted from metal and lacquered to reach a beautiful matte finish. In terms of shape and appearance, the barrel is round with fine flutings and it is beautifully highlighted by the super shiny polished elements.

The cap is short and round with a nice chrome finish and has a spring clip attached to it. On the finial, you can see the Graf von Faber Castell logo engraved on black. The ring around the black logo is also engraved with Graf von Faber Castell. At the base of the cap, everyone can read the sign of true german craftsmanship “Handmade in Germany”.

Enough with the design features, let’s move on to the nib and the other features like the filling mechanism, dimensions and handling. The high-quality nib made of stainless steel is rhodium plated and is available in 4 different nib widths: extra-fine, fine, medium and broad. The Graf von Faber Castell logo engraved on the nib just adds a touch of elegance. In terms of writing performance, the nib glides smoothly across the paper and it does a good job at fast writing. When it comes to the filling mechanism, you have two options – the cartridges or the converter. The fountain pen weighs 44 g and has a length of 13,5 cm which makes it easy to handle during the writing sessions. 

Price: 210 EUR

Rollerball pen

Displaying similar design features, The rollerball pen is a great alternative because it evokes the same elegance but it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a fountain pen does. Regarding the refill, it accepts standard rollerball refill and talking about the writing performance it writes quite smooth and is pretty balanced in one’s hand weighing 44g.

Price: 180 EUR

Ballpoint pen, fineliner and mechanical pencil

The Tamitio series also provides a ballpoint pen, a fineliner and a mechanical pencil. Few words about the ballpoint: it matches any international standard size refill, weighs 32g and for daily use, it’s just great! The finewriter on the other hand is suitable for those occasions when you want to get an incredibly soft writing experience. The mechanical pencil is also coming to complete this series.

Ballpoint price: 160 EUR | Fineliner: 140 EUR | Mechanical pencil: 160 EUR

Fountain pen Tamitio Calligraphy set

Last, but not least, exclusively designed for those who enjoy the authentic art of calligraphy, let me introduce to you the Tamitio calligraphy set which is composed of a fountain pen that comes with 3 nibs of different widths: 1,1 mm, 1,4 mm and 1,8 mm. This set from Graf von Faber Castell is like an invitation to a meditative break and I think sometimes it is important to give ourselves time for relaxing moments, such as handwriting because, in a world where almost everything is digital, handwriting is the ultimate form of sophistication that fulfills our state of mind.

Price: 280 EUR

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