Introducing the New design03 from Otto Hutt

After the success of previous models in the range, Otto Hutt decided to expand their design03 series with two new shades. Let’s take a quick look and see what the German brand has come up with this time.  

Photo courtesy of The Scribe

Recently announced, the latest additions to the design03 are two modern-looking variations of gray, Platinum Gray and Ruthenium Gray. To be honest, I was a bit surprised because I was expecting to see a splash of color in this collection. But having a look at previous designs, I realised that design03 looks better in cool, understated shades, which makes even more sense considering its retro flair.

And now, let’s admit it! From the platinum gray of an elegant Mercedes to the ruthenium-toned bezels of Bauhaus-inspired Nomos watches, gray is a fantastic shade! These two new interpretations of design03 are sure to give the design line an everlasting classic character making it even more iconic. Not surprisingly, the German brand has not compromised on design or quality, using the same high quality materials for the production of the new models.

Each pen’s element is made of solid brass which is then coated with high-quality platinum or ruthenium, depending on the version. What I’ve always appreciated about Otto Hutt is how beautifully they manage to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing, always delivering premium writing instruments to high quality standards.

Both editions are already available on as fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil. For more information and prices, check out Otto Hutt’s e-shop or get in touch with your local authorised retailers.


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