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Introducing the Sailor King of Pens Iro-Miyabi Urushi

Sailor has always had a name for itself as an exceptional bearer of tradition. From designs that respect the ethos of Japanese design elements to materials used in their luxury pens, Sailor has created an outstanding representation of the values it has set forth.

This is no exception with the Sailor Iro-Miyabi. Taking the traditional bullet design made of ebonite of the silhouette, this pen has been elevated by the lacquering technique that gives this pen its unique look. Called Ishime-nuri, it’s a process which enables the surface of the lacquer to have a roughened finish like that of stones.

This initial Ishime-nuri coating is then lacquered atop with other materials to create a masterpiece of technique and colors.

Taking months for the lacquers to dry and the process to be finished, this is another example of Sailor understanding that the final product takes time and there is beauty in the waiting as much as the item itself.

The Ishime-nuri process particularly lends itself to the colors chosen by Sailor for the Iro-Miyabi line, which includes pale pinks and deep reds.  The pen is finished with a 21-karat gold nib, adding the last bit of luxury to the feel of this pen.

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