Karl Lagerfeld’s collection for S.T. Dupont – a fashion designer signature

Among the creative minds behind some of the world’s top fashion houses like Valentino, Balmain, Chloe, Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld is remembered today as one of the most famous icons in the fashion industry. Although he passed away two years ago, his unmistakable style and unique hallmark will last forever due to the exquisite collections he designed over the years, as well as the trends he influenced. Today’s article reveals a truly unique collection which was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in collaboration with S.T. Dupont.

Before I introduce you to the collection itself, let’s discover some interesting facts about Karl Lagerfeld’s incredible career in fashion and see how he has influenced it, leaving its mark all over the brands he collaborated with, including Dupont.

Karl Lagerfeld’s first contact with the fashion industry took place in 1954 when he won the first prize for his coat design in the French International Wool Secretariat. One year later he was hired by Pierre Balmain and then he worked as a freelance designer for several brands like Chloe, Krizia, Valentino and shoemaker Charles Jourdan.

 In 1967 he was hired by Fendi on the role of consultant director and worked with the Italian design house his whole career. The period of time he spent working as creative director for Chanel, from 1983 until his death, has turned out to be a very successful one for the french house because Karl’s creative spirit stood out in many of Chanel’s collections he has designed over the years.

Karl was not only a great designer but also an excellent photographer, taking care of many fashion advertisements of Chanel and having photographies published in fashion magazines like British Vogue and Interview.

Now, let’s discover the glamorous collection he has desgined for S.T. Dupont. As expected, Karl left his mark on this collection due to the fan-shaped bottle design of the writing instruments as well as the glossy red and black lacquer finishes, both an inspiration of his personal penchant. The collection is entitled „Mon Dupont” and was launched in two color versions: „Prestige” in red lacquer with gold finishes and „Chic” in black lacquer with palladium plated elements.

The overall desgin of each pen is quite unusual, simplistic and very sophisticated consisting of straight and rounded parts creating a triangular look. When it comes to pens, not only the appearance is imporant, but the functionality as well. Regarding the way it’s crafted, I like the idea that the pens are very functional thanks to the rounded corners which ensure ergonomic comfort while the straight parts make sure that the pens won’t roll off one’s desk. As distinctive signs of Dupont, the iconic „D” is engraved on the cap’s finial and each pen is perfectly covered in lacquer and fitted with high-quality 14kt gold Dupont nibs.

The collection is comprising of a fountain pen, a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen as well.

Fountain Pen: EUR 628
Rollerball Pen: EUR 455
Ballpoint Pen: EUR 194

If you could still find these pens wearing the hallmark of Karl Lagerfeld, would you add them to your collection?

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