LAMY dialog – Functionality & Design by Franco Clivio

Many of you may know Lamy for the popular Safari series, which can be found in almost any stationery store around the world. However, in addition to the affordable prices and wide range of colours and finishes that the Safari series has to offer, today I’m going to introduce you to a model that is rarely talked about, but which I think deserves more attention – the LAMY dialog.


This creation belonging to product designer Franco Clivio is a symbiosis of functionality and design and brings together all the technology of the German brand and high-quality materials. Although I’m not a big fan of retractable nib fountain pens, I think this innovative concept goes well with the clean, minimalist design of this particular edition. 


The Lamy Dialog is operated by a simple twist that releases the 14k nib (safely housed inside the pen body at all times when the pen is not in use). This mechanism protects the nib from any damage and allows for a seamless design. When the nib is retracted, the innovative ball valve also protects it from dirt as well as from drying out, that providing a smooth writing experience without skipping. Although the clip seems to disrupt the clean appearance of the pen, it plays a functional role, preventing the pen from rolling off the table.

Available as a fountain pen only, the edition is offered in four finishes: two matte – black, palladium, and two glossy – pianoblack and pianowhite. Prices start from EUR 296,00

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