Pen Shows To Attend In 2023

I’ve always been of the opinion that a Pen Show is to a pen collector what a Motor Show is to a car enthusiast. And I’m not saying that just because of all those incredible editions or prototypes that are shown but mostly because of the ambience there. If you have attended some Pen Shows in the past, you know exactly what I mean. If not, you can do it in 2023 as I have put together a list of the most important Pen Shows in the world. Some of them might be right in your town, so you’ll be spared the hassle of travelling.

If you live in Philadelphia – USA and are planning to attend such an event, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next year, as you’ve missed this year’s Pen Show, which took place just last weekend. If you’re near Munich, Europe, on January 21 you can attend a pretty cool Pen Show there. In February, our pen enthusiasts in Italy can attend the Milano Pen Show on February 4. while our friends in California, U.S. from February 9-12. If the rumors are true, the LA Pen Show will not take place this year as it has been cancelled, according to 

Europeans can enjoy 3 Pen Shows in March (London Spring Pen Show – March 5, Berlin Pen Party – March 18 and Cologne Pen Show – March 25). If you’re in the United States, you can go to Baltimore Pen Show – March 10-12, Arkansas Pen Show – March 17-19 and Atlanta Pen Show – March 30 – April 2. 


Below is the complete list of US pen shows for the entire year: 

New York Metropolitan Pen Show – April 22-23 
Northern Pen Show (Yorkshire) – April 23
Chicago Pen Show – May 4-7 
St. Louis Pen Show – June 22-25
Washington DC Supershow – August 3-6
San Francisco Pen Show – August 25-27
Orlando Pen Show – September 7-9 
Dallas Pen Show – September 29-30
Colorado Pen Show – October 13-15
Detroit Pen Show – October 20-22

It looks like Australians will also get a Pen Show, which will take place in Melbourne on 26 November.

Pen Show list for Europe: 

Katowice Pen Show (Poland) – April 1-2
Barcelona Pen Show (Spain) – April 15
Northern Pen Show (England) – April 23
Dutch Pen Show – June 4
Birmingham Pen Show – June 25
Newcastle Pen Show – September 3 
Commonwealth Pen Show – September 9-10 
Hamburg Pen Show – October 3 
London Autumn Pen Show – October 8 
Turin Pen Show (Italy) – October 28-29
Bologna Pen Show – November 25
Sheffield Pen Show – December 3 

Last on our list is the Tokyo International Pen Show (November 3-5) where you can see the most impressive jewellery from Japanese manufacturers such as Pilot, Sailor, Platinum and if you have the opportunity to attend this exhibition, don’t hesitate a moment. Here are some of the pens that never make it to Europe. 

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