Perfect Signature – Turning classic pens into real jewellery

The fact that established brands are keeping the writing instrument industry alive is something we are all aware of, but we cannot deny that even brands just starting out in the industry can pleasantly surprise us, and even have a say over the industry giants. And yes, it is generally true, the longer a brand has a tradition in the field, the higher the quality of the products, but this is not a rule because after all, expertise, attention to detail and the materials used often dictate quality. This is why we believe that start-up brands with a quality and innovation-oriented vision have a very good chance of building a good reputation in a relatively short time. Today, we are pleased to present you a brand that turns wishes into reality and writing instruments into real jewellery. 

Before we get into the details regarding their collections and products, let’s briefly introduce you to who the Perfect Signature brand is. So, Perfect Signature is a Russian-based brand with a solid background in the fascinating world of jewellery. In fact, the whole story started after a successful experience in the Asian jewellery market, and from this point Perfect Signature chose the main direction of its business – the production of exclusive jewellery pens made of precious metals and gemstones. 

From bespoke jewellery to gemstone pens
Before entering the writing instrument industry, the brand produced luxury custom jewellery, so making pens wasn’t on the radar at the time, this idea only came about after a customer requested a custom pen. This was no easy task, but it marked the beginning of a new journey into the fascinating world of high-end writing instruments. Now, we have to admit that this brand’s journey is off to a more than promising start because every pen the brand has launched is an homage to ultimate luxury. Extraordinary attention to detail, incredible craftsmanship and an orchestrated show of precious stones and metals to describe Perfect Signature pens in a few words.

Design is key
We have to admit that from such brands we expect impressive designs and Perfect Signature is no exception. Each product line is a thematic collection, dedicated to a special cultural object. And it’s not hard to see that their focus is largely on the emotion a pen should convey to its owner. Besides emotion, a Perfect Signature pen is the kind of pen you can easily make a statement with: it looks powerful, exudes elegance, luxury and expresses the character of the owner so well. To achieve unique writing pieces, the brand uses materials such as rare wood, precious metal or gemstones for the body of the pens, while it uses patterned enamels, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds for the delicate ornaments. It is true that a magnificent handcrafted pen of incredible design creates a memorable image, and if it is made in a single copy it will never be ignored.

How such a masterpiece is made
The body is completely made of of precious metals such as sterling silver 925, 18K gold or platinum and the pens are gem-incrusted as for the hot enamel technique, it is done in the tradition of Carl Fabergé in-house. Except for the nibs which are made of 18k gold by the German company Peter Bock AG, everything else is made in-house. The gemstones displayed on most of their pens come only from reliable sources and are carefully checked by professional gemologists with vast experience in working on the largest markets in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Top-notch packaging 
Such works of art need a proper packaging and the brand proves once again that even the smallest details matter. From cases to presentation boxes and stands, everything is superlative. The cases for fountain pens are handcrafted from crocodile leather while the boxes and stands are made from the rarest species of wood, in particular from pale moon ebony, Makassar ebony or rosewood with silver decorations and incrustations. 


Impressively crafted, each collection is simply out of this world, but we were completely impressed by one of their exclusive collections entitled Francis I – Masters of the Louvre which features a body made of 18k white and yellow gold weighing 134g and fully covered in gemstones such as 2 blue sapphires 1,1 ct; 6 cabochon-cut rubies 4,2 ct; 24 cabochon-cut sapphires 5,36 ct; 668 diamonds 13,5 ct. Besides it looks astonishing, we’re sure the feeling you get when you hold it in your hand is beyond words…

Now, we know Perfect Signature is probably one of the few brands that have turned the classic pen into a piece of jewellery and you were probably pleasantly impressed with what they create, but we wonder, how many of you intend to collect such sophisticated pens or use them in different circumstances.

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