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Sailor Yurameku Inks 1st and 2nd Edition

One of the unsung heroes of the pen world is the humble bottle of ink. Being able to express yourself through the pen you pick up is one thing; but to add a personal flair through your ink choice is another opportunity for self expression. 

With so many inks on the market today, it can surely be a daunting task trying to figure out what the best option is that fits your personal style. For me, Sailor’s inks are a go-to option for their ease of use, color range, and simple – yet effective – branding that stands out on my desk.

Most notably for me are the Yurameku lines. Recently, Sailor added the Second Edition to this collection and it is as beautiful as the first. With a focus on a soft, tonal palette that incorporates an altogether vintage feel, the Yurameku line is a fan favorite and for good reason. With colors that range from blush tones to muted blues, it’s a perfect choice for those who value aesthetics as much as they do the function of their inks.

Most notably in regards to the Yurameku line is that the inks fade into beautiful subdued tones the longer they dry on the page. The Sailor website has a wonderful graph that shows how the colors change over time and this can have some surprising results. Take, for instance, the color called “Sukigokoro” which lays on the page as a pleasant blue and dries into a verdant green. 

For me, I simply love the ability to remain surprised when writing with an ink that can change color. There is something poetic about finding that the words on the page aren’t stuck, but are constantly changing and evolving, much like I do, myself.

It is this ability for Sailor to surprise and delight its audience which has made it a brand that stands out above its competitors in many ways. We look forward to seeing a Third Edition of the Yurameku line, but in the meantime, we will be stocking up on our favorites through authorised retailers in Europe and overseas where prices for samples begin at €2.54 and larger 20 millilitre bottles retail for €19.

Photo credit: Goulet Pens
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