Taccia Kaku-Tate

Something that many people fail to realize is that to create an artistic masterpiece, there is an awful lot of science involved. Think, for example, of da Vinci or Michelangelo. So much of their technique was not just the exceptional craftsmanship, but the meticulous arithmetic that went into getting the proportions of everything so precise. It is no different with Taccia’s Kaku-Tate, which blends “science, geometry, and balance” to create a truly exceptional pen for the holiday season.

Coming in earthy shades of green, blue or red, the Kaku-Tate Urushi collection is a limited edition line from the Japanese brand that uses old world techniques in a modern way. Every step of the process is utilizing centuries of know-how while simultaneously giving us a pen which is fit for the modern user.

The base of the pens is ebonite, which is a popular material for its durability and “warm” handfeel, with layers of urushi lacquering over top. The urushi is then sanded down to create a twelve-sided geometric shape to the barrel with the ebonite showing through where the edges were sanded, creating a beautiful two-tone look to the pen.

The barrel is then polished and finished with more urushi to protect and seal the work and bring out its brilliant finish and natural charm and characteristics.

Here we see the reverence that Taccia has for artisan craftsmanship and are utilizing these techniques for a new generation of collectors. By pairing these classic techniques against a geometric barrel, we get a modern fitting for one of the oldest processes of lacquering still used today for fountain pens.

The pen is available in three colors, as mentioned, and two stripe options (thin and wide). Taccia uses Sailor nibs and pens are fitted with your choice of EF, MF, M, B, and Music. Only 100 pieces of each color are available and can be found at various retailers. 

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