Paolo Donnarumma | editor in chief

Car enthusiast since the age of 4, Paolo is a living cliché. Italian born and raised in Switzerland. He loves (beside writing instruments) soccer, good food, good wines, watches and cars. Father of 2 kids and married to Pia since 2003, he writes about, guess what, cars, watches, drinks & food in relation to pens.

Nancy R. Olson | contributor

Nancy doesn't need any introduction. She is almost an institution in the writing instruments world. She is probably the most competent person when it comes to writing instruments writing since over 25 years about it. Her experience and knowledge is second to none and her passion about it is a true inspiration. Has travelled the world and visited the most prestigious manufacturer. One more thing... she uses a great pen every day!

Samuel Naldi | contributor

Samuel is a real guru of the industry. He's owner of one of the most sophisticated writing instruments boutiques in the world. If you want to know anything about a pen or a watch, drop him a note and he will be able to advise on any matter regarding your pen collection. And if you don't have a pen collection yet, he will make sure you get one pretty soon.