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The Perfect Pencil, an icon.

Since more than 250 years the brand Faber-Castell strives to create the most stunning and quality pencils out in the market. 1993 marked the revolution for premium pencils. Let’s discover one of the most iconic products in the industry of high end Writing Instruments. Since 1761 Think of all those […]


Introduction to Maki-e

Over a thousand years of history and celebrated worldwide, Maki-e is perhaps one of the best-known styles of lacquering in the world. Please read on to discover my fascination with this age-old technique. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must confess I am not the foremost expert on this topic! However, […]


The History of Montegrappa

We’re taking further our series of articles based on the history of the most famous brands in the pen industry and today’s article is about Montegrappa. An incredible brand that has been writing history since 1912 must have incredible stories to tell. Already known all over the world for all […]