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5 Important Features of the Otto Hutt design08

Launched in early 2021, the Bauhaus-inspired fountain pen created by Otto Hutt is already enjoying success among pen enthusiasts and collectors and it’s quite easy to see why. The pen is anything but ordinary and its unique design is perfectly adapted to modern times. In today’s article we’re going to be looking at 5 features […]

5 Great Fountain Pens for Everyday Use

Living in the Digital Age doesn’t mean that we have given up handwriting, quite the contrary. Due to the fact that we already spend most of our time on laptops, smartphones or other devices, writing with a fountain pen is back on the list of our daily activities. It helps us think clear, and somehow […]

Montblanc Muses Elizabeth Taylor Special Edition – As purple as her lovely eyes

Being an actor may not be that hard, some say, but there are only a few talented people in the industry who have made history over the years. One of these people is none other than Elizabeth Taylor, the British-American actress and activist – the latest  “muse” to be celebrated with a special edition writing […]

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