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Articoli recenti

Sailor King of Pen Tamenuri ‘Shirodame’ – the “bright” side of Urushi

Regular readers among you will by now have realised how popular Japanese fountain pens are becoming and how much we love these essential, efficient and at the same time sophisticated writing instruments. Among the major representatives of this category, of course, is Sailor, which with the King of Pen has certainly set a benchmark for […]

The Liquid Gems of Pelikan – Edelstein Golden Beryl Ink

When I was in primary school, 3rd year, I received my first fountain pen with my engraved name on it. I still remember it very vividly that it was a Pelikan bi-color (red and steel) fountain pen with a steel nib, and we all got royal blue ink with it. The time to start writing with […]

Montegrappa Dante Alighieri: Inferno – The start of a memorable trilogy

The Divine Comedy! Dante Alighieri’s epic 14,233-line narrative poem. This story of love, sin and redemption is widely celebrated as a literary classic and is recognised as a foundation stone in the propagation of modern Italian. The language of music. And Montegrappa has, legitimately I would say, paid tribute to this masterpiece with a great […]

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