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Articoli recenti

Graf von Faber-Castell Heritage Limited Edition – Tribute to Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander

If you’ve ever wondered which is the story behind the name Faber-Castell or which was the moment that marked the birth of the new name, then you’re about to find out reading this article because we’re going back in time to celebrate the wedding between Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander von Faber-Castell, the main characters […]

Sailor King of Pen – Writing with the Katana of a Samurai

When i think of an unbeatable writer, then i suddenly think of the Sailor King of Pen. Surely, for the writing experience it delivers and the majestic Nib, it really is one of the Kings of this Industry. I often say “it’s like writing with the Katana of a Samurai”. Nevertheless, there is some place […]

Homeoffice and fine writing instruments – an overview

With the start of the pandemic one word has acquired a complete different significance: Homeoffice. Since I was travelling a lot during the past 10 years, was always lucky enough to have a dedicated office at home and I clearly remember many friends telling me, that I was crazy to sacrifice an entire room for […]

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