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Naginata Togi Ebonite ‘SEKKEI’ is the Perfect Companion for Winter

Sailor’s production history has always been closely connected to the natural world. We saw this in previous iterations of designs, including those dedicated to the Aurora Borealis and the Ryokko last year. With its Japanese heritage and philosophy to living among nature and not in opposition to it, Sailor has been able to mine an…

Lifting The Lid: How Montblanc Fountain Pens Are Crafted?

Preserving the handcraft of fountain pen making, Montblanc reveals the complex process that its expert team of artisan makers go through to bring the beloved pens to life.Handcrafts are a vital expression of human ingenuity and artistry. From the first stone carvings to the design of the latest luxury smartphones, humans have an innate desire…

Montblanc’s Brand Ambassadors Over The Years

As a renowned luxury brand, Montblanc has, over the years, brought some pretty impressive names to the forefront of their editorial campaigns. The broad appeal of the brand has meant that movie stars, athletes, and DJ’s have all enjoyed the spotlight in various campaigns over the years. Such figures have included Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman,…

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