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Articoli recenti

The History of Waterman – from insurance broker to inventor

History fascinates all of us and when it comes to the history of the pen industry’s giants we are even more intrigued. Today’s article reveals some of the most important stages of Waterman’s history. That said, join us on a journey back in time and let’s discover together some history passages. Just before we dive […]

Five great pen pouches for your pens

Great pens require proper care, right? Even though you tend to put the pens inside the jacket’s pocket, in the bag, or elsewhere, it turns out that the safest method to carry your pens is obviously by using a pen pouch. That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at five pen pouches of different […]

Pairing five pens with five watches

Ever since writing instruments first appeared, they have been designed to be functional. Nowadays, thanks to all the progresses of technology, we can choose a writing instrument only for its design because functionality is included anyway. The fact that we are blessed to choose from such a wide variety of patterns, designs and shapes allows […]

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