The History of Waterman – from insurance broker to inventor

History fascinates all of us and when it comes to the history of the pen industry’s giants we are even more intrigued. Today’s article reveals some of the most important stages of Waterman’s history. That said, join us on a journey back in time and let’s discover together some history passages. Just before we dive […]

Five great pen pouches for your pens

Great pens require proper care, right? Even though you tend to put the pens inside the jacket’s pocket, in the bag, or elsewhere, it turns out that the safest method to carry your pens is obviously by using a pen pouch. That’s why today, we’re going to be looking at five pen pouches of different […]

Pairing five pens with five watches

Ever since writing instruments first appeared, they have been designed to be functional. Nowadays, thanks to all the progresses of technology, we can choose a writing instrument only for its design because functionality is included anyway. The fact that we are blessed to choose from such a wide variety of patterns, designs and shapes allows […]

Three situations when a rollerball pen is a better option than a fountain pen

Writing with a fountain pen is by far one of the noblest acts one can do. However, we can’t always write with a fountain pen and the reasons vary: sometimes the time is pressing, sometimes we are just not in a good mood or we need to write quickly and so forth. For that, we’ve […]

Montegrappa Mia – The reimagined classic

There are moments when you need a splash of colour in your life, when you want to get rid of all the sober writing instruments you used to write with and simply switch to some vibrant patterns. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation at least once, then Montegrappa Mia might be what you […]

Otto Hutt design02 – the sensual part of Germany

Sensuality isn’t the most common skill of Germans you would think. Evidentially Germans are noticed for precision, discipline and consistency. All these skills are all united in Otto Hutt’s design02. a simple yet timeless design that enthuses fans of the brand for its great versatility. Two is the smallest and only even prime number that […]

Lamy 2000 – History written on Bauhaus principles

As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate form o sophistication”, and we are pretty sure that everyone agrees with that. Today’s article is about one of Lamy’s most iconic series which closely follows the above statement. Since its launch, the Lamy 2000 has already become classic and we are confident enough to say […]

Caran d’Ache 1010 Chrono Sport – Between watches and writing instruments

The fact that Caran d’Ache produces impressive writing masterpieces is something we are already used to. But, the way they produce them it’s truly remarkable. Elaborate designs, lots of symbols and motifs, precious stones and metals… are just some of the attributes that any Caran d’Ache limited edition possesses. Today our attention turns to a […]

Montegrappa Monopoly Players’ Collection – Exploring the game

We all love board games, that’s for sure. But we love them even more when there’s a bit of competition around. In today’s article we are going to introduce you to a very colourful writing collection – Monopoly Players’ Collection especially designed by Montegrappa to celebrate one of the most played board games in the […]

Interview to Mark Braun on the Otto Hutt design08

A few months have passed since Otto Hutt released the successful design08. Today we wanted to have some insights from the Designer of this piece himself. Mark Braun was so kind to share his point of view to some of our questions. As you will see it’s not only related to the design08, but also features some […]


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