List of all Montblanc Writers Edition

Great writers not only inspired but also made an important contribution to the world, which is why Montblanc chooses to honour them with impressive editions. So, we’ve put together a list of all the editions Montblanc has released since 1992 and up to today so you can have an overview. 1992 – Ernest Hemingway Writers […]

What astonishing Pen releases should we expect in 2022

The year has started, and from what i can hear from other people in the industry, January has been pretty slow. Nevertheless we all think that positivity is a great drive and we’re looking ahead to a wonderful 2022 which a lot of cool novelties. Last year we had a year full of great Novelties […]

Montegrappa celebrates the Year of the Tiger with a unique Limited Edition

As we enter the year 2022, we are pleasantly surprised by the new launches taking place in the industry, including the latest “Year of the Tiger”- a small-batched Limited Edition signed by Montegrappa that comes to feed the confidence of those born in this year with self-assured elegance and glistening silver stripes. To create this […]

Five Feminine Pen Designs

While many of us may think of fountain pens as residing in some stuffy library of a gentleman, there is just as much appreciation for this writing utensil for women as well. The fountain pen transcends gendered norms and is a great equalizer in the world of craftsmanship. While watches may be a man’s world […]

List of all Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year Editions

Let’s face it, simple pens are boring. Today we introduce you to all the characters that make up the signature line of the German brand Graf von Faber-Castell. Entitled Pen of the Year and launched annually since 2003, the collection is aimed at true connoisseurs and collectors who appreciate the culture of writing and seek […]

5 Stylish Guys and their matching pens

Have you ever thought what a spectacular duet a stylish outfit would make with a beautiful pen? Today we’ve put together a selection of 5 Stylish Guys and the pens we think would suit them. Valentino Ricci & Montegrappa Extra 1930 Turtle Brown Many of you know Valentino Ricci as the founder of Sciamat and […]

Five Personal Grail Pens i Wish i Would Own

I’m confronted daily with Pen buying for my Boutique Style of Zug. While a part of the buying is pure fun, another part is pure business. It’s about thinking which pens i should purchase that will please our online and onland audience. That’s why i want to take a few moments to think about which […]

Why Owning a Quality Pen Matters More Now Than Ever

Today, two years in the pandemic, I think it is safe to say that we are all craving small pleasures. While nothing will be able to replace the time lost, there is something to be said about being able to appreciate things a little more now than pre-Covid. That’s actually how I got into fountain […]

What Pen Would Have Fitted Virgil Abloh Best?

In late November, the fashion world lost a beloved designer. Virgil Abloh was the most recent artistic director of Louis Vuitton and, later, LVMH. His groundbreaking career allowed for new voices – and faces – to be recognized in the high fashion world and, because of this, his influence will be felt for years to […]

Evolving traditions, a review of the Namiki Yukari Kusadama Herb Decoration

In a day and age of fast consumption and a disregard of times gone by, I have often pondered about tradition and how new ones form and old ones disappear.  It’s those traditions that are dying that I want to emphasise.  Japan is a country steeped in traditions and with Urushi it dates back to […]


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