Pelikan Honours 40 Years of Souverän with a Spectacular Limited Edition

Like Montblanc or Graf von Faber-Castell, Pelikan is a manufacturer that has a distinctive series for which it is widely known and that is undoubtedly, the Souverän. Classic and iconic, the series has made a name for itself among enthusiasts and collectors thanks to its elegant design and legendary striped pattern. This year Souverän turns […]

Parker’s Vacumatic – A Classic

Within the history of the Parker brand, one cannot deny that the Vacumatic has a certain air of legend and innovation. Released between 1932 and 1948, the Vacumatic was a giant leap forward for the brand, which had resulted in putting Parker back in place as a top seller in the pen industry after a […]

The Caran d’Ache Leman | Development Throughout The Years

We think of Switzerland when we think of great skills. This reputation is from one side due to the swiss being well know for their precision in everything they do. From Administration up to Watch Manufacturing. Today i want to bring the Caran d’Ache Leman to your attention and the developments it has had over […]

Taccia Miyabi Empress Winter Breath

Taccia has made a name for itself in the pen world as an exceptional brand that produces exceptional instruments. The detail in the Taccia Miyabi Empress Winter Breath is no exception. With its intricate design, its detailed finishes, and its considered symbolism within the design of the pen itself. The Empress Winter Breath is a […]

Otto Hutt Introduces The New design07 and design08

This year has been a fantastic year for Otto Hutt, which has released some incredible editions including design01 in a beautiful sage green shade, design04 in 4 new matte shades and design07 in a fine corn guilloche pattern. However, the German brand has prepared a few more gems to be launched on October 1st – […]

Eboya x Yukari

For quite some time now I have been looking high and low for someone willing to take up the mantel for completing custom urushi work and when I say custom work, someone that would be able to work on my designs. Typically speaking in the past this is something many urushi artists have not entertained. […]

Visconti Woodstock Collection – Relive The Good Old Days Of The ’60s

Most of you weren’t born at the time, but it’s almost impossible not to have heard or read about Woodstock, as it was probably one of the most famous rock festivals of the 1960s. Often referred to as the pinnacle of the hippie dream, the iconic festival has shaped culture to this day and it […]

Extending The Life Of Your Fountain Pen

As with anything you may own – from a pair of jeans to a Mercedes – maintenance is key. If you’re investing money into an object, it’s important to know how best to care for it. In a world that prioritizes single-use and fast fashion, it can sometimes be hard to embrace the little bit […]

Get In The Holiday Spirit With Sailor Christmas Tea

While Christmas may be still months away, it’s never too early to begin planning ahead for the holidays, or so says Sailor. The Japanese brand recently announced their yuletide release of Christmas Tea, a warm collection that celebrates the hand-and-heart warming pastime of tea. Mainly inspired by the British tradition of tea drinking, Christmas Tea […]


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