Graf von Faber-Castell Heritage Limited Edition – Tribute to Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander

If you’ve ever wondered which is the story behind the name Faber-Castell or which was the moment that marked the birth of the new name, then you’re about to find out reading this article because we’re going back in time to celebrate the wedding between Countess Ottilie and Count Alexander von Faber-Castell, the main characters […]

Sailor King of Pen – Writing with the Katana of a Samurai

When i think of an unbeatable writer, then i suddenly think of the Sailor King of Pen. Surely, for the writing experience it delivers and the majestic Nib, it really is one of the Kings of this Industry. I often say “it’s like writing with the Katana of a Samurai”. Nevertheless, there is some place […]

Homeoffice and fine writing instruments – an overview

With the start of the pandemic one word has acquired a complete different significance: Homeoffice. Since I was travelling a lot during the past 10 years, was always lucky enough to have a dedicated office at home and I clearly remember many friends telling me, that I was crazy to sacrifice an entire room for […]

SCRIBO – Scrittura Bolognese – Tradition meets the authentic italian style

Being on my radar for a good period of time, I’m finally glad to introduce to you a relatively young italian manufacturer of fine writing instruments but with a long history behind. SCRIBO – Scrittura Bolognese, as the name suggests, is based in Bologna, a few steps from the famous Piazza Maggiore. In the following, […]

Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio series – reliable yet refined writing instruments

Graf von Faber Castell needs no introduction when it comes to fine writing instruments. If I were to describe in few words this german brand I would say so: remarkable and long tradition, quality craftsmanship and refined designs. Today, I’m going to present to you the Tamitio Series – a line with a clean design […]

Cartier writing instruments with watch – an unrivalled combination

Following the article published recently by about the relevance of fountain pens for watch aficionados, today we will talk about the ultimate combination of writing instruments and watches: The Cartier pens with watch. Cartier is definitely one of the very few brands that is capable to excel in everything they do. Let me explain […]

Interview with Giuseppe Aquila | CEO of Montegrappa

You’ve probably seen me talking in some of my Instagram Lives with Giuseppe Aquila about the developments and some of the challenges of a brand such as Montegrappa. Montegrappa is well known for its extra-ordinary know-how in Pen Making and in the creation of stunning Limited Edition Artworks. I did an Interview with Giuseppe Aquila, […]

Parker 51 – A Prominent Place in Fountain Pen History

What fountain pen is truly one of the most iconic to ever be released and beloved? Your keen eye surely discovered from reading the title alone that the pen I am referring to is the Parker 51. Rich in innovation and history, the Parker 51 has experienced celebration from several generations of pen enthusiasts since […]

Aurora Ipsilon Demo Colors – An innovative line with a splash of color

Making fine writing instruments, paper and leather goods for over 100 years, Aurora – the well-known italian manufacturer based in Turin has recently launched the Ipsilon Demo Colors collection. So today, let me introduce to you an innovative line with a colorful yet strong character. This colorful collection is dedicated to the Global Lockdown and […]

Writing Instruments and Watches – an inseparable union

Already a couple of times, we have tried to make clear to the community that the attention dedicated to writing instruments should be at least the same as the attention deserved by watches. And this is not only because writing instruments are items that have written history. Also because of the joy you can bring […]


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