Caran d’Ache Expands The Ecridor Series With The Venetian Collection

For centuries, there has been something intangible about Venice. From its humble beginnings to a trading empire with aristocratic villas, to the now-mythic idea of being a sinking city on water, each iteration of Venice has delighted and brought wonder to travelers and dreamers across the world.

Caran d’Ache’s latest release, the Ecridor Venetian gift set, uses history as the jumping-off point for the luxury design for its pen. Utilizing the popular Ecridor silhouette, this pen highlights the integrity of the design and only adds to the appeal that millions of pen users love. Coming in a ballpoint modality, the Venetian set is available in either palladium or rose gold and paired with a stunning calfskin pen holder that will only get better with age.

Most noticeable about the design is the intricate engraving and hammering techniques that bring this pen to another level of eye-catching attention. The gentle ripples throughout the body of the pen are reminiscent of the famous canals that Venice is known for. The metallic finishes offer not just a pleasant hand-feel, but an overall warm and lightness to the pen that is sometimes lost with acrylic or enameled pens.

What Caran d’Ache has accomplished is not just a great gift or a stunning addition to its Ecridor line, but also a breaking of stereotypes. Many people often overlook the humble ballpoint as a perfectly acceptable option when looking to break into luxury pens. Caran d’Ache shows us that, with the right amount of thoughtful design and inspiration, a ballpoint can be just as beautiful as any fountain pen on the market today.

Both editions are currently available on Caran d’Ache’s website in both palladium ($257) and rose gold ($280).

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