Five Otto Hutt Pens to Gift

Considering that the last article was a real source of inspiration for you, we thought we would continue the series with another selection of Otto Hutt pens this time. To give a brief overview about the Otto Hutt brand, they have been producing pens for over 100 years and are among the market leaders in the pen industry, both nationally and internationally. 

Their pens feature a classic design with unique patterns and are mainly inspired by clean aesthetics and functionality, that makes them suitable for those who want performance but don’t want to compromise on design. So if you haven’t yet chosen a gift for your loved ones, or why not for yourself, take a look at our selection…


Elegant, affordable and made of Sterling Silver. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s as true as it gets. Each pen in this line has a classic design, but our favourite is definitely the one with a honeycomb pattern. If you choose the fountain pen, it comes with a stainless steel nib with good performance on paper, but there are other options such as ballpoint pen and rollerball pen, also great as gifts.

Price: EUR 176


Classic and with lots of patterns and finishes to choose from. Starting with the design04 line you can choose an 18k gold nib on the pen for even better performance. We recommend design04 pens to those who want a pen they can rely on every day. From the wide range of patterns that make up this line, we instantly fell in love with the Wave pattern models and the Princess Cut.

Otto Hut design04 Wave White 18kt Gold nib: EUR 350
Otto Hutt design04 Wave Black Stainless Steel nib: EUR 215


Women will simply love the silhouette of this pen. We’ve selected a few shades that we think would be great for ladies’ taste. Seashell Pink, Lavender Violet and Cashmere are by far our favorites because each of them has a major impact on one’s mood. For example, the Lavender Violet pen can easily take you to the middle of a lavender field in Provence while the Cashmere version will pair well with that cozy sweater.

Otto Hutt design06 Lavender Violet Stainless Steel nib: EUR 160 
Otto Hutt design06 Lavender Violet 18kt Gold nib: EUR 270


The expression of minimalism and functionality is perfectly embodied in this Bauhaus-inspired pen. Designers, architects and minimalist enthusiasts and generally those who appreciate technology on a pen will love it. Equipped with Otto Hutt’s specially developed Pull+Twist system, the design08 is filled with ink by just a turn of the hand. In addition to this special feature and the well-proportioned 18k gold nib, we’re convinced this pen is on its way to becoming an iconic piece in the industry thanks to its extremely clean design. If you’re thinking of gifting it to someone or even yourself, you’re making the best choice because the value of this pen will increase tremendously over time.

Price: EUR 1240


Who doesn’t love anniversary editions? If you know someone who would like the gift of an anniversary edition, designC is the one to consider. Otto Hutt has chosen to celebrate 100 years with a masterpiece made of precious Sterling Silver with a design we haven’t seen anywhere else in the industry. Another reason we consider DesignC to be a unique gift is that it will develop a beautiful patina over time. On top of that, rest assured that this pen will be loyal to its owner for an eternity thanks to its solid construction.

Price: EUR 2594

Now that you’ve gone through our list, what gift will you choose?  

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