Introducing the New Sailor King of Pens Orange Mandarin

Without delving too deep into researches on the role of colours in our life, we can simply admit that our mood is oftentimes influenced by certain colours. While cool colours like blue and green have a soothing effect on us, vivid colours such as bright red or bright orange make us feel energised. And I’m still very fond of my black pens, but sometimes I feel like adding a dash of color to my collection would break the monotony. In today’s article we’ll be looking at the new Sailor King of Pens Orange Mandarin, a marvellous limited edition in vibrant orange.

This year’s edition is a sequel to the “King of Pens Yellow Mandarin” released last year and it came just in time, at least for me and perhaps for many other enthusiasts and collectors. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of bold colours, but for as long as I can remember I’ve had a penchant for orange. This colour reminds me of the days spent in Bologna, a city in northern Italy full of vivid shades of orange, but also of Sicily, where I ate the best oranges. Isn’t it fascinating how a pen can trigger memories?

Even though I haven’t travelled to Japan yet, I have to admit that the Land of the Rising Sun has an impressive culture I enjoy reading about anytime. I once read that especially during the colder months the Japanese used to sit around a kotatsu (a traditional Japanese table with an electric heater underneath and a blanket over it), and eat mikan (tangerines). 

Gathering around the table with the whole family while enjoying the sweetness of tangerines must be a truly unique moment. If this pen reminded me of a tradition I’ve only read about without experiencing it, I wonder what memories it might stir in a Japanese person. Maybe I’m getting a little too nostalgic, but perhaps like many of you, I see the pen as  more than just a writing tool. To me, a pen often means memories, places, persons, etc

Now, let’s discover the specifications of the pen itself. Similar to last year’s edition, the new limited edition comes in the iconic cigar shape featuring the 21k gold nib for which Sailor earned its reputation over the years. In perfect harmony, both the nib and the ornaments are rhodium-plated.

The new Sailor King of Pens Orange Mandarin is available at all authorised Sailor retailers in Europe. For more information, get in contact with Sailor directly via [email protected]

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