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List of all Montblanc Great Characters

Unlike the Patron of the Arts line which was launched in 1992, Montblanc introduced for the first time a line dedicated to Great Characters in 2009 debuting with a collection dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The collection is usually composed of a special edition and two other editions symbolising either important events in the lives of these figures, achievements or moments of great significance. Through this line Montblanc shows its gratitude and pays tribute to these figures who have truly inspired the world and also brought important changes in it. We think it’s important to get an overview of Montblanc’s releases so far, so we’ve put together a selection of all Montblanc Great Characters collections below.

2009: Mahatma Gandhi – Edition of 3000 and 241

2011: Alfred Hitchcock – Edition of 3000 and 80

2013: Albert Einstein – Edition of 3000 and 99

2014: Leonardo da Vinci – Edition of 3000 and 74

2015: John F. Kennedy – Special Edition, edition of 1917 and 83

2016: Miles Davis – Special Edition, edition of 1926 and 90

2017: The Beatles – Special Edition, edition of 1969 and 88 

2018: James Dean – Special Edition, edition of 1931 and 991

2019: Walt Disney – Special Edition, edition of 1901 and 90

2020: Elvis Presley – Special Edition, edition of 1935 and 98

2021: Enzo Ferrari – Special Edition, edition of 1898 and 98

If in 2021 Montblanc wowed us with a unique collection dedicated to the legend Enzo Ferrari, what do you think they have planned for 2022? 

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