Meet The New Visconti Homo Sapiens: Lotus Garden

Symbolically speaking, the lotus is a flower that holds a lot of meaning. For many cultures around the world, and particularly in East Asia, the lotus represents strength, resilience, and rebirth. With its delicate petals and muted tones, the beauty of the lotus has inspired countless forms of art throughout the centuries.

Now, Italian penmaker, Visconti, has created a design that showcases the natural beauty of the lotus. Introducing Lotus Garden. Taking the iconic Homo Sapiens model, the Lotus Garden balances Italian elegance with a floral palette to create a pen that’s released just in time for Spring.

Made from an acrylic blend that captures the tonal personality of the lotus, it’s a mixture of white, green, and lilac that enhances the overall Homo Sapien design. With brass metal fittings overlaid in Black PVD, Visconti adds subtle, masculine elements against the floral pattern to make a pen that’s right for anyone. 

The Visconti Homo Sapien: Lotus Garden is available in both rollerball and fountain pen option. The fountain pen is 18-carat nib and a power filler double reservoir for long writing sessions. Each pen is a limited production of just 888 units in each modality. Prices start at €1,000 for the rollerball and €1,200 for the fountain pen, via Visconti’s website.

Technical data:

  • Type: Fountain Pen
  • Colour: Lilac, White and Green
  • Pen body: Over
  • Material: Acrylic resin
  • Nib: Au 18kt (big)
  • Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S
  • Nib colour: Rutenio
  • Filling: Power Filler Double Reservoir
  • Closure type: Hook safe lock
  • Metal fittings: Brass
  • Finishing: Black pvd
  • Limited edition: 888

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