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Montblanc’s ‘Dear Future’ Initiative Will Shape The Lives of Many Young People

More and more customers are focusing on industry leaders to use their resources to inspire those less fortunate. Building a responsible brand that gives back to those in need is, now more than ever, par for the course when it comes to being a leader. That is why Montblanc’s latest initiative, entitled “Dear Future” is so important – and inspiring.

This philanthropic initiative was designed to help serve those in underrepresented or disadvantaged communities through various efforts. These efforts can include fighting illiteracy, learning calligraphy, or learning how to express oneself with creative writing, such as songs, plays, and storytelling. By pairing the brand’s ethos and fighting real-world issues facing those in communities in need, we see Montblanc extending their reach and influence far beyond simply selling pens.

So far, four projects are listed on Montblanc’s Dear Future website and are taking place in Germany, France, Thailand and Italy. The Montblanc Haus has partnered with two local schools to teach calligraphy and improve handwriting. In Chamonix, Montblanc helps to educate youths aged 10-12 on the local and natural beauty of the company’s namesake, the Mont Blanc region of the Alps. Over in Thailand, Montblanc has supported the necessary educational needs of 65 students to improve their English skills for vocational needs. And in Milan, children from the suburbs of Milan are invited to participate in an energetic sports workshop, before writing about their emotions with Montblanc.

Each of these initiatives – and many more to come – show us that Montblanc isn’t simply a brand that speaks to its luxury clientele, but to anyone who loves and understands how writing can (and does) have a positive impact on one’s life. We’re thrilled to see how the Dear Future initiative evolves and expands, and we hope that other brands will be inspired to do something similar in the writing world.

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  1. This is wonderful news. I am a firm believer in the act of handwriting itself and its positive impact on brain functions. I’d love to observe this initiative counteracting the cultural crime of abolishing handwriting from modern schools in certain countries.

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