Montblanc’s new Signs & Symbols Collection for 2022

With the first edition introduced in 2015, Signs & Symbols is a collection composed of “Legend of Zodiacs”, a writing instrument inspired by the zodiac sign of the year ahead and “A Journey Among Dragons”, a line honouring the mythical creatures and their great powers. Each edition  is masterfully crafted of hand-engraved silver and varies in design, materials as well as in meaning. That said, let’s discover what ancient symbols inspired this Montblanc collection. 

As you may know, the 2021 Montblanc edition has been dedicated to the second animal of the Chinese zodiac with a fine representation of an ox engraved on the pen’s sterling silver cap. Given that 2022 is the year of the Tiger, the Legend of Zodiacs edition is dedicated to the king of all beasts as the tiger is considered in Chinese culture. Being the most representative animal in nature, the tiger is seen as a god by the Chinese nation. As well as being a symbol of courage, happiness and strength, it’s also known to ward off evil spirits, that’s why it is considered the symbolic protector of children. 

Legend of Zodiacs The Tiger Limited Edition 512

When you look at the pen, an instant eye-catcher is the hand-engraved tiger decorating the cap made of Ag 925 sterling silver. Radiating strength and wisdom through its noble head markings, broad shoulders and lifted tail, the tiger is shown framed by pines as a symbol for long life. On the barrel, finely displayed, is a pattern of “lucky clouds” standing for luck and happiness. The cone is embellished with a blue sapphire – symbolising the birth – stone of the tiger sign. The year of the tiger, 2022, along with the six previous years of the tiger, are written on the cap ring, right below the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl placed on the finial. To complement the rose gold finish of the pen, the handcrafted Au 750 solid gold nib comes in the same tone and is engraved with a tiger standing on the rock. Since 8 is considered the luckiest number Chinese culture, the special limitation number of the Legend of Zodiacs – The Tiger Limited Edition 512 is a celebration of the number 8, 512 being the sum total of 8x8x8. That would bring additional good fortune for the year ahead. 

To provide the user with a complete writing experience, Montblanc also launched a sophisticated red notebook made of Saffiano leather featuring the depiction of the tiger in gold on its cover as well as a red ink, colour that stands for luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

A Journey Among Dragons – The Torch Dragon Limited Edition 

Fascinating the mankind since ancient times, the dragon is one of the oldest mythical creatures with important significance for the East Asian circle of cultures. The Torch Dragon, also named Zhulong in Chinese mythology, is an ancient creature different from all other dragons. It is said that there is only one Torch Dragon in the world leaving in the dark, northwest corner of the square Earth plate – the part that is not illuminated by the sun and moon, that’s why it carries a torch to light its way. Long of a thousand Chinese miles, the Torch Dragon has a red, the body of a snake and the head of a man. As it is considered the God of time and seasons, it creates the seasonal winds with its breath.

Torch Dragon Limited Edition 88

Winding its sinuous body around the barrel and cap of the Torch Dragon Limited Edition 88, the dragon sees through red rubies instead of eyes. Sitting as a raised relief sculpture, the dragon’s head is hand-engraved on the Ag 925 sterling silver while the snake body adorned with diamonds encircles the barrel as an engraving beneath the shaded red lacquer. To complement the distinguished look of the pen, a red garnet is set on top of the cone. The nib is made of Au 750 solid gold it’s beautifully decorated with a scale symbolising balance, equality and justice. The cap’s finial has the Montblanc emblem inlaid in black onyx and covered with sapphire glass. 

Torch Dragon Limited Edition 8

Featuring a similar design to the above edition but more luxurious, the Torch Dragon Limited Edition 8 is like a brilliant. It showcases a dragon adorned with orange sapphires, red rubies and diamonds, around the Au 750 solid white gold cap and barrel. The spine and head of the dragon are champagne-tone gold-coated, and the belly is made of white jade.  A similar scale symbolising balance and justice is engraved on the Au 750 solid champagne-tone gold nib but unlike the 88 edition, it is adorned with a red garnet. On the finial, a Montblanc diamond adds the ultimate touch of luxury.

The Legend of Zodiacs The Tiger Limited Edition 512 and the A Journey Among Dragons The Torch Dragon Limited Edition 88 and Edition 8 available in Montblanc boutiques from September 2021, however it is very likely to see these pens sold out instantly.

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