Montegrappa Elmo 02 – less is more

Out of Montegrappa’s 1920s archives, the vintage charm of the Elmo style is still up to date after more than a century. With this Elmo 02 collection, Montegrappa returns a bit to its modest roots and revives the vision of its original co-founder, Heinrich ‘Elmo’ Helm. Repackaged for the 2020s, the Montegrappa Elmo 02 is ready to be launched very soon. Meanwhile, the enthusiasts out there can get themselves ready to discover a minimalist beauty with a debonair attitude.

Even though time has passed, the inventiveness of Montegrappa’s first technical director provided a design that survived the test of time. A century ago Heinrich Helm’s ingenious conical ends provided a way to get rid of expensive materials without sacrificing decorative flair. This method is still effective today, making Montegrappa able to endow the Elmo 02 with great performance at a good price point.

As we know, ‘Elmo’-brand pens were famous through Italy in the early 20th century, now it’s Elmo 02’s time to shine.  Coming as an echo of that period and getting a fantastic contemporary design, Elmo 02 is ready to impress everyone with its understatement.

This collection features 3 lines that come in different finishes and colors: Asiago, Sorapis, and Jet Black. For each line, one can choose between a fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen. Crafted from precious resin, each writing instrument has got a nice-looking design. Whether you choose the formal approach embodied by the Jet Black line or maybe the colored lines with the marbled pattern, make sure you don’t miss this classic.

Designed with a minimalist touch displaying distinctive angular lines, each writing instrument is pure inspiration and functionality.

The fountain pen’s body is crafted from resin and features some stainless-steel details such as the highly polished trims as well as the nib and the fluted spring clip. The Montegrappa logo is written on the cap’s ring, in black. The stainless-steel nib is available in 6 widths: extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, stub 1.1, stub 1.5. Regarding the filling mechanism, the fountain pen supports both cartridges and the converter. With just 142 mm length and 30 g weight, is a pretty light pen which makes it very portable. Beside the fountain pen, there also comes a rollerball which depicts similar design features, and also a ballpoint pen, great for those quick notes during the meetings.

Fountain pen: 275 EUR                      Rollerball pen: 265 EUR                     Ballpoint pen: 185 EUR

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