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Hands on the new Otto Hutt design01 Matt Edition

Essentiality doesn’t necessarily mean compromise on quality or functionality. It’s in particular the case with the design 01 of otto hutt. An essential line of writing instruments that doesn’t renounce to a beautiful design and the well-known top quality otto hutt stands for.

Essential with no compromise

In many areas, when we talk about essentials, our mind immediately jumps to really basic stuff. For example, the so called “essential” collection of many fashion labels are made of 3-4 colors and only very standard cuts. So, reduced to the really essential pieces you need in your wardrobe. Well in the case of the design 01 from otto hutt it’s not exactly the case. Evidentially, the name already suggests that this line sets the base for an entire range of writing instruments all with a very similar nomenclature. And the design 01 is an archetype, as they call it. In other words, the mother of all the other design.

We already talked about otto hutt in our post of the design C. A writing instrument designed by Mark Braun celebrating the first 100 years of history of otto hutt. In fact, an important factor to keep in mind when you look at their writing instruments in general, is that otto hutt has an immaculate reputation in the industry when it comes to manufacturing quality. They have produced, and still do, writing instruments for other brands in such an outstanding quality, that their skills and know-how are second to none. Therefore, even if we are talking about their entry-level collection, the design 01 is a collection that doesn’t fear comparison in terms of quality and functionality.

Otto Hutt design01 Blue Matt

The balance of material and design

The design 01 collection is pretty comprehensive and includes 32 variants among ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, fountain pens and rollerballs. The proportions of the design are very well balanced, and the combination of the different materials is harmonious. As you maybe remember from our talk with Mark Braun, they put incredible attention to the proportions in the proportions. Also in this case, the thickness of the ballpoint to its length, 8.7mm to 140mm for 22,7g weight, is very well balanced and makes it comfortable to write with. Even though, if I may mention, personally I think that the clip of the pen is slightly too broad compared to the cap. If it would have been slightly thinner, the whole design would profit and this element would be less invasive when you observe the design 01 from the front.

A distinctive element of the design 01 is for sure the the wise combination of mirror polished surfaces in contrast to matt surfaces. A little bit like the design of a Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet is playing with the same elements, the design 01 is attracting its observer with a combination of colored surfaces on the shaft but always in a very elegant way. The tip sleeve is made of brass, the lacquer layers are additionally polished or matted after each layer. The surfaces are additionally polished by hand after each layer. The Sterling Silver cap sleeves are provided with a striped guilloché pattern and the fitting parts are coated with high-quality platinum. So, all in all, an outstanding quality with very precious materials and manufacturing methods. Optionally, you will find some models with a brass cap and a satin finish.

What impresses me every time, is that all this is available between € 70 (Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil) and € 105 (Fountain Pen), while the Rollerball is priced at € 90. Therefore, as otto hutt states in their product description, the design 01 suits like no other model for people who want to acquire a noble writing instrument for incomparable writing pleasure for the first time. An entry level writing instrument that sets the standards in terms of quality and tactile pleasure. An essential, a must have as we would say in fashion terms.

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  1. I thought this was supposed to be a review of the pen. The author seems to have little-to-no true experience with fountain pens, and was writing merely for the pay it might generate.

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