Otto Hutt’s Pull+Twist Mechanism – Innovation & Functionality

Looking back to the earliest forms of fountain pens, we’re now witnessing a period of technological advancement that has brought a lot of improvements to the way writing instruments work. Better nibs, more elaborate designs, a wider variety of colours and materials and noticeably improved filling systems. In today’s article we’ll take a look at the revolutionary Pull + Twist filling system developed by Otto Hutt – is it truly innovative? Let’s see! 

The idea behind the concept

With all the other models in the portfolio equipped with a converter, the moment Otto Hutt decided to introduce a new filling system pen was undoubtedly a milestone for the brand. They wanted to make it great, so they needed a unique approach not only from an engineering point of view, but also design-wise, and that’s when Star Designer Mark Braun, stepped in. He spent many months working on the concept of the design08 pen that would house the famous filling system. Given the shape of the design08, the filling system had to fit into the overall aesthetic while providing an easy user experience. 

A glimpse inside

According to Marco Frei – Otto Hutt’s CEO, the design08 consists of 25 parts of which just seven are visible. Although no other information has been revealed, Samuel Naldi has shown in a Youtube video the inside of the intricate machinery; you can take a closer look at it by clicking here. Fascinating is not only how precisely each little element is assembled but also the sounds they make while being operated. If you are a devoted connoisseur, you will certainly appreciate it.

How it works

Let’s get to the fun part now. How it works? This mechanism was designed to be user-friendly and as elaborate as it looks, it’s actually easy to use. So, you begin by gently pulling back the end of the pen’s shaft, then twist it counter-clockwise until you feel some resistance; that will create vacuum seal inside the chamber. Next, you submerge the nib in ink, twist the end clockwise until it is back in its original position, drawing ink up through the nib to fill the chamber. When you have finished filling the pen, you just have to click the end of the pen back into place, dab off the excess ink and you’re all set. You see, it doesn’t require much effort on your end.

The same mechanism is found on the 100th anniversary edition – designC. Am I hoping for a piston system on one of the other models in the Otto Hutt portfolio? Definitely yes! Maybe not the Pull+Twist, which seems difficult to integrate due to its design, but I would love to see a piston filler d07; it might be an idea for the future, who knows. 

What is your experience with the Pull + Twist mechanism? Do you like the way it works?

For more information about Otto Hutt, visit their website here.

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