Sailor Introduces the New Cocktail Series 

If there’s one thing I really like about Sailor it’s perhaps the playful and colourful approach they’ve taken recently, and it seems I’m not the only one as this kind of approach is enjoying a lot of success among pen enthusiasts and collectors, and I’m talking about their Cocktail Series. While the last edition was inspired by gin-based cocktails, the new collection is tequila-based and looks fabulous. 

I’ve always been of the opinion that handwriting goes perfectly with a good drink alongside. Now whether it’s whisky, a vintage red wine or a classic cocktail, you’ll find that ideas will come more easily to mind and you’ll be more creative, not to mention that most famous writers owe their success to alcohol. I personally write in my journal while enjoying a classic Negroni. And I have to admit, I’ve often wondered what a pen inspired by my favorite cocktail would look like (Sailor even created such a piece some time ago). 

With shades ranging from orange to neon green, the new collection offers five pen alternatives on a Professional Gear chassis inspired by cocktails such as Mockingbird, Mexican Screwdriver or Blue Margarita. If you’re fond of mixology, then you’ll love these pieces even more. To enjoy the Sailor writing experience, each pen comes equipped with a 21k nib (fine, medium-fine and medium) in either gold or rhodium plated finish depending on the version. 

This new collection will be launched soon in early February and those who purchase a set of five pens will get a FREE Leather 5 Slot Pen Case in black or brown.

The price has not been revealed yet, and the collection is available in limited quantity. For more information about it, contact Sailor at [email protected] 

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