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Three Of The Most Beautiful Pens Designed by S.T. Dupont

While it may not have the longest tradition of pen making, S.T. Dupont remains one of the leading brands in the pen industry for its unmistakable design and French charisma. Featuring impressive details and an impeccable finish, today I’ve selected three of the most beautiful pens produced by S.T Dupont. Let’s discover them! 

Although most of you know S.T. Dupont for its iconic lighters and sophisticated writing instruments, the manufacturer hasn’t always produced lighters and pens. In fact, the brand founded by Simon Tissot-Dupont in 1872 has built a reputation for making travel trunks for prominent personalities such as Wallis Simpson, Hollywood star Humphrey Bogart, Queen Elizabeth II or Audrey Hepburn.

Apparently the first luxury writing instrument created by the French Maison wasn’t launched until 1973, twenty years after the brand developed its first luxury gas lighter. Designed at the request of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, a loyal customer at the time, the pen had to match her lighter and it did. S.T. Dupont drew inspiration from the lighter’s roller to create the body of the pen, thus launching the “Classique S.T. Dupont” – the ballpoint pen that marked Dupont’s debut in the pen industry.

S.T. Dupont From Paris with Love Limited Edition

It’s like having Paris at your fingertips. Featuring a design inspired by the iconic Haussmann architecture, this limited edition takes you on a very romantic journey around Paris – all from the comfort of your desk. From the sumptuous attic windows on the barrel to the lid – sculpted after a domed zinc roof and adorned with iconic Parisian tiles, the pen faithfully captures the beauty of the Haussmann-style buildings that surround the city. Besides the ‘Pierre de Paris’ lacquer that adds a little more elegance to this pen, there are also details like the finely engraved grip section and the iconic “D” encased in glitter in the archway of the pen that make it stand out like a jewel. 

If you look for this masterpiece, chances are you can still find it at various retailers.

S.T. Dupont Place Vendôme Limited Edition

Those who have been to Paris already know how emblematic the Place Vendôme is. Not to mention that architecture enthusiasts will immediately notice the well-defined proportions, symmetry and octagonal shape of this square, for which it is so popular. But it is the Column that makes this square even more iconic – it was erected in the time of Napoleon and it’s made using bronze from the cannons left behind by the Austrians after the battle. While the buildings are depicted on lighters, the Vendôme Column is nicely illustrated on pens. There is also the Napoleon’s famous quotation finely engraved on the body of the pen “Impossible n’est pas Français” translating to ‘Nothing is impossible for the French’. As a reference to the date when Napoleon erected the column, the pens are numbered out of 1810. 

S.T. Dupont Haute Creation Royal Collection

The Haute Creation line is the very essence of S.T. Dupont. Each pen in this line is distinguished by its impeccable and luxurious finish as well as the particular attention to detail. To create the Royal collection, S.T. Dupont has teamed up with Princess Tania of Bourbon Parma. Descendant of King Louis XIII, the French designer took inspiration from the Codes of Royalty from the Renaissance era giving birth to this magnificent masterpiece. The artist reported “For this set, I searched for the excellence and purity of line drawing inspiration from the codes of royalty which, at that time, marked the influence of France in the world. Only S.T. Dupont’s know-how in lacquer and goldsmith could bring justice to the unique, elegant and sublime design.”  

What is fascinating about this edition is that each details is hand sculpted and engraved from bronze then polished with yellow gold. The majestic “fleur-de-lis” covering the entire pen are complemented by the royal crown adorned at the top with a sapphire. If you ever want to feel royal, well, this is a pen to consider. While you can still find it on the market.  

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