Three Situations Where A Rollerball Is More Convenient Than A Fountain Pen

Writing with a fountain pen is by far one of the noblest acts one can engage in. But today one is not always in the mood, nor does one have time to write at the leisurely pace a fountain pen dictates. A great alternative to the fountain pen is the rollerball pen. But can this writing instrument be more convenient in some contexts? Let’s see!

On business trips

This might be one of the most common situations where I personally prefer a rollerball over a fountain pen because I don’t want the hassle of possible ink leakage during the flight, and I don’t like to carry ink bottles in my luggage either.

There are plenty of rollerball pens on the market featuring the same design as fountain pens, you just need to find the right one for you. When it comes to business, I like to stick to the classics like this Meisterstück, but you can always choose a rollerball pen with intricate ornamentation and bold appearance, you will definitely stand out in front of your colleagues.

You should also bear in mind that a rollerball pen won’t run out of ink as easily as a fountain pen and is better suited for quick note-taking, providing almost the same smooth writing experience as a fountain pen.

Taking care of things is not your forte

A fountain pen by definition requires a little more care and you can’t treat it like a regular pen. Besides the nib you have to be careful not to break, there’s also the maintenance process you’ll have to carry out regularly to extend the lifespan of your pen.

If you hate the idea of cleaning a fountain pen you might be a rollerball pen person. But if you still want to give the fountain pen a chance, go read our “Short Guide to Cleaning Your Fountain Pen”, you’ll learn that maintaining a pen is quite simple and fun. If you’ve made up your mind anyway, that’s fine, there are plenty of rollerball pens out there for you to enjoy.

A rollerball requires no maintenance – there’s no nib to take care of and you only have to change the refills every now and then, so no rocket science here.

One more tip, consider rollerball pens with a sturdy construction so you don’t have to worry in case you drop them.

design07 in Sterling Silver by Otto Hutt
Montegrappa Extra 1930

The rollerball as a gift

A fountain pen is perhaps one of the most unique and exquisite items one can choose for a gift. But do you always know the tastes of the person who will receive the gift? Most of the time no, maybe they don’t even like to write with a fountain pen. In this case, you can play it safe and go for a rollerball pen if you want to make sure it doesn’t end up in a drawer. Although the writing style is different, the writing experience is somewhat similar to the fountain pen, the rollerball pen being very smooth and comfortable to use.

For gifts, I always suggest the classics, their timeless design never goes out of style, but you won’t go wrong giving a limited edition either and I’m sure your recipient doesn’t mind being spoiled a little.

Montegrappa Bijo-To-Yaju


  1. It’s common knowledge that rollerball pens are simpler to operate. They have a steady ink flow and don’t need any particular writing techniques to write clearly.
    The learning curve with fountain pens could be more difficult, especially for beginners. In order to write smoothly and consistently with a fountain pen, you must hold it at a precise angle and use the appropriate amount of pressure.
    Find more: https://www.intermediaarts.org/fountain-pens-vs-rollerball-pens/

  2. K.G.Ananda Rao

    Roller ball is really a fine thing, but writings done with it heavy impressions on the other side. Is there a solution to it?

  3. Gihan Zohdy

    I agree with all of the above, a rollerball will have no spillage when travelling. There is a lovely one by a great brand that travels with me, the Parker Sonnet Fougere, that has a classy, exquisite look and is not that heavy.

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