When Louis Vuitton Made Inks and Other Luxury Brand Surprises

A luxury brand is never simply about clothing. These sort of brands make a consciously considered effort to provide an entire lifestyle within their product line, runway shows, and editorials. It is with this in mind that Inkstable looks more closely this week at the fashion houses that have a surprising amount of history in the stationery and writing utensil space that is often overlooked by the companies’ more sartorial offerings.

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Take, for instance, Louis Vuitton. Did you know that a few years ago they produced their own 50ml bottles of ink. With names like Dreamy Blue and Mischievous Purple (the names are more romantic in French), the product line was a desk accessory must-have for those who enjoyed the deep hues offered by LV. The sleek bottle design was an added benefit, being an ornamental addition to the desk as well. Unfortunately, it seemed the market was not quick to adopt the inks (the price tag was in the $52-range in 2016) and therefore had been discontinued. 

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Unfortunately, the chances of finding a Louis Vuitton ink these days are pretty slim, perhaps on the secondary market… Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton ink remains an item that shows a peek into the history of a brand dedicated to engaging a wide variety of interests for its most loyal customers.

Other brands in the luxury industry have had a more successful and sustained foray into the writing space. Most notably would be Cartier, Hermes, and Gucci. These two French behemoths in the posh accessories space have used their know-how to create covetable objets d’art. 

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Let’s start with Cartier.

Most known for their accessories and jewelry, Cartier has a history of creating pens that have all the design elements of items from their main production line. The Santos-Dumont line of pens is a great entry-level ballpoint option that comes in a variety of embellishments and colorways for any time of discerning buyer. There is also, of course, the motifs that show the capabilities of a jewelry brand when it comes to decoration. Because of this, Cartier has established itself as a manufacturer with stiff competition among other pen brands.

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Now onto Hermes.

A company known for their leather goods and housewares, Hermes is a brand that has been a favorite for many since 1837. Their emblematic orange-hued leather is synonymous with high-quality fashion. We’re quite fond of the notebooks available at Hermes that lend the same design principles to their line. The grain d’h lined notebook has a crafted design and comes in toned-down color options, while still having the signature Hermes quiet sense of luxury. And at $70, it’s a very reasonable entry-point for those new to the brand. Second to that, there is of course the famous Ulysse Notebook cover that has more colorways and provides a refillable option to use for years to come.

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Gucci, too, has taken their retro-modern aesthetic and applied it to their Geometric G pen in gold. While many luxury brands sell items emblazoned with their logos, Gucci took a more subtle approach by engraving their legendary G motif into the gold (or silver) body of this ballpoint to have a subtle, yet exciting design. Coupled with an equally vintage-looking black pen case with green interior and you have the perfect desk mate for years to come.

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Luxury items are designed so that you feel as though you own a bit of history. From Louis Vuitton to Hermes, and everywhere in between, it’s this integration into our daily lives that makes luxury feel attainable, accessible, and built to be loved. 

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