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110th anniversary of Sailor Fountain Pen – A new King has been born

With a great history in the industry, Sailor Fountain Pen is close to its 110th anniversary which will take place on May 27th 2021. Since the founding year until now, the Japanese pen manufacturer has built a solid reputation thanks to the experience of over 100 years in the field. 

Accuracy and top writing quality perfectly define what Sailor manages to achieve when it comes to their fountain pens. You are probably familiar with the brand, but before getting into the subject, I would like to mention the most iconic fountain pens collections created by Sailor during the last years: the well-known 1911 series, the imposing King of Pens, the refined MAKI-E series and finally the limited edition fountain pens are just some of their great creations. Because the manufacturer will celebrate 110 years since its founding in 1911, Sailor will launch three fountain pens which will be available in 3 different styles. And because Sailor aims to be one of the best known manufacturers of high-quality fountain pens, every piece of their collection is built with a lot of precision based on the three cornerstones of Sailor’s new corporate identity: Authenticity, Technology and Design. Also, the limited edition commemorative fountain pen symolizes the future of SAILOR Fountain Pen thanks to its individuality and strong presence.  


The Premium level model will only be available in 110 pieces while the two lower cost models called Kurogane and Shirogane will be available in 1100 pieces. The entire collection deserves a lot of attention due to the fine details, the precious metals of high quality used, and also the great design that Sailor brings in. Now, let’s start our journey by discovering the fountain pens together. The Sailor Premium model is characterized by Authenticity and its body comes in a clean design, the main focus being on the 21-karat gold used for the barrel – such a distinctive and luxurious sign of sophistication. For the first time, the Premium pen uses a 21-karat gold for its barrel which is linked to the image of Sailor’s original 21-karat gold nib. The matte finish of the gold barrel seems to be the perfect choice – subtle, with a relaxed appearence and revealing the genuine beauty of gold – feels just comfortble in your hand and thanks to the well-balanced design of the pen, you’ll be able to enjoy a more natural writing flow. 


 The Sailor Shirogane is the expression of innovative design and embodies a modern image. Robust, with a great construction, the fountain pen impresses with its aesthetically pleasing appearence. It features a body made of  925 sterling silver and because the material gains in brilliance and value through daily use, it can become your constant writing instrument. Also, due to the silver construction, the entire body of the fountain pen shines like a jewelry piece. Being produced in just 1100 numbered pieces worldwide, the Shirogane will definitely find its place in any enthusiat’s collection.


On the other side, The Sailor Kurogane refelcts the technology progress, features a body made of stainless steel and thanks to the new electrolytic coloration technology used by Sailor, it cames in a beautiful deep black shade while maintaining a metallic feel. This coloration technology will provide a great durability and weather resistence over time while the deep black accents will add an elegant touch to the fountain pen, making it a nice companion for daily use. This elegant model is also availabe in 1100 numbered pieces worldwide.

Details matter

When it comes to the nib specifications the 21-karat gold nib is a real spectacle to watch and represents the Sailor Fountain Pen’s unique technology developed over years. Flexbile and more resilient, the nib provides a stable writing experience and thanks to the feather touch specific to Sailor fountain pens, when the nib smoothly glides across the paper it feels like it’s floating. For this limited edition pen, the nib is engraved with Sailor’s well-known anchor which symbolizes trust and hope and the 110th anniversary memorial in the center, with a bicolor finish. In terms of widths, the nib is availabe in fine, medium-fine, medium and broad. When it comes to details, Sailor’s distinctive signs of authenticity can be observed on each side of the fountain pen starting with the cap decoration and continuing with the decorative ring which serves to protect the clipless body from damage, everything is excellently designed. While the cap decoration for the Premium model has an anchor shining in the sky, the Shirogane and Kurogane models have a bicolor, assertive plate anchor embedded as a symbol of constancy. The cap center band has the new logo engraved on the circumference and on the barrel ornament we can observe the serial number laser engraved which signify the limited edition commemorative product. 


Royal Ink

The new ink bottle „Sailor Blue – Dawn” which it will have its own place in the chestnut box next to the Premium model, is a tribute to the founder Kyugoro Sakata and is reminiscent of the scenery he observed in Kure, the place where the company was founded. As the manufacturer claims, „Dawn” refers to the time when new things begin and represents the hope for today, remembering the beauty of the Seto Inland Sea before dawn. Even the box in which the fountain pens come in announce the grandiosity of this 110th anniversary launch of Sailor. Carrefully crafted in a famous area for woodworking products in Japan, each box is made of a chestnut wood which has been a well-known material for Japanese people since ancient times. Known for its hardness, moisture resitance and durability, Chestnut seems to be the perfect choice in order to protect the fountain pens.


With deep care for its masterpieces, Sailor also created a pen sheath that holds the 110th anniversary model made of hemp cloth, a fabric which becomes softer and more comfortable to the pen as it is used. Despite the fact that it protects your fountain pen, it also gives you a unique feel thanks to its texture. In conclusion, the fountain pen enthusiasts around the world are going to receive some of the most unique fountain pens thanks to the Sailor launch on May 27th 2021 and with this, the japanese manufacturer is announcing that a new movement of great writing instruments is about to begin.



Premium n/a

Shirogane € 1’200.00

Kurogane € 1’200.00

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