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New high-tech metals in the Montegrappa configurator

Finally it has arrived. What is a reality in the automotive world and on the website of some watch manufacturers has found its way as well in the world of fine writing instruments: a configurator. And thanks to Montegrappa, we now have more and more materials and finishes to choose from. A quick view into Montegrappa’s Pen Configurator.

As mentioned in the beginning, a configurator is something that is pretty common in the automotive, for example. This has been necessary since everyone understands the necessity of serial production, otherwise cars would be completely overpriced. But still, we all feel this need of individuality that we pursue to express ourselves with what we wear, what we drive and what we have in our hands, evidentially including our writing instruments. It was therefore only a question of time until the first manufacturers will come up with a pen configurator. And let me say this: Montegrappa has done, once again, a great job!

A series of advanced, new-generation metals brings ultra-sleek upgrades to the Extra Custom. They call it: Black Titanium, Cobalt and exotic Timoku. These new finishes supercharge Montegrappa’s flagship silhouette with extreme performance and futurist intrigue – only available on the Configurator.


The incredible research behind these finishes has refined materials developed for surgeons and aerospace engineers, and combined unconventional performance with aesthetics that heighten the senses. Like the Extra silhouette, for example. It has been regularly upgraded with new colors and finishes, but none with the hyper-precision of the new High-Tech Metals available now. Very impressive.

The Ultra-Black

Extreme heat alters the alloy’s molecular structure to turn it black from the outside in. The result is ingrained into its exceptionally hard, scratch-resistant structure. High-velocity milling and polishing is used to create the crisp precision-detailing of Duo and Stripe.


Cool and sleek to the touch, Cobalt offers even higher levels of strength. The surgical-grade alloy resists all tarnishing and discolouring to shine like highly polished platinum. Like all the options in the High-Tech Metals range, it is completely hypoallergenic.


But the pinnacle of technological accomplishment – and visual impact – is Timoku. This modern-day reprise of Mokume-gane – the 17th-century Japanese art of mixing metals – fuses layers of grey and black titanium under extreme heat and pressure, before twisting them to produce a wood-like grain. No two sections are alike – providing yet another way to produce a luxury writing instrument like no other.

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