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3 Best Pens Introduced by Montegrappa in 2021

The year 2021 was also a year of many launches for the Italian brand Montegrappa, which launched some interesting regular editions as well as some extraordinary limited editions. Today we will focus on 3 of their best releases. Do you think you can anticipate them?

Montegrappa Kitcho Limited Edition – A tribute to Maki-e Art

By far one of the most impressive collections we’ve seen this year is a successful collaboration between Montegrappa and Zohiko – Japan’s leading manufacturer of luxury lacquerware. The collection consists of 8 different editions and even though Montegrappa has chosen to keep both the same shape for each edition and the same details on the cap and piston knob, the surface that surrounds the barrel is decorated differently with illustrations some more unique than others. Of all the illustrations, we believe the most unique are those that capture the Peacock, the Tiger and the Phoenix. Before we move on to another collection, we have to admit that the attention to detail is truly remarkable on these pieces. We also wonder if any of our readers own one of these limited editions. 

Montegrappa Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio – More than just a pen

We were already used to Montegrappa’s incredibly creative spirit since it launched the Inferno, but they seem to have outdone themselves with Purgatorio. This edition is the reason we love intricate details on pens. And since the story couldn’t be told better than with extravagance, we’re glad Montegrappa chose to be the narrator who perfectly recounts every detail. The edition is composed of 2 versions: one made of Sterling Silver 925 and precious resin and the other made of 18 Yellow Gold and precious resin. As with the previous edition, we love the fact that Montegrappa has so faithfully reconfigured the most important scenes, emphasising in detail motifs and symbols that have relevance. I have always maintained that the way each detail is carved, we can already speak of a work of art rather than a pen. Even at the time of the launch we said that the way every detail is sculpted, we can already speak of a work of art rather than a pen, which is why we believe that this edition is a very important one for the Italian brand.

Montegrappa Age of Discovery – Explore everything

For all expedition lovers and beyond, Montegrappa has created a limited edition like a miniature sailor’s telescope. We like that the Italian brand has carefully chosen the materials from which this edition is made – brass and mahogany – and there’s a reason they selected these two materials: once for their historical accuracy, but also for their ability to age gracefully. Its vintage charm extends to a sextant-shaped clip and a rustic reproduction of Magellan’s pioneering round-the-world route. Now, let’s move on to the function for which we consider this launch an important innovation and we’re referring to the one-touch filling mechanism – a proprietary technology that has featured in only three of the maison’s previous production models. The piston is activated by squeezing the barrel’s telescopic action and for writers tired of the twists and turns of drawing ink, this function is really an innovation, and in recent years these advances have become a hallmark for the Italian brand that pushes the boundaries at every opportunity.

What do you think Montegrappa will surprise us with in 2022? We are so excited to find out! 

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