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3 Vintage Designs from Montegrappa

As far as pen manufacturers go, Montegrappa has remained a steadfast presence in the industry for more than a century. As one of the preeminent Italian penmakers, Montegrappa has been a consistent presence in the pen world for its use of high-quality materials, its elevated designs, and, in recent years, their collaborative model with pop culture and historical figures alike.

But there has been a trend at Montegrappa to also look back at their archival designs that have been popular favorites over the years. These designs are timeless in their elegance and have proven that, over and over again, pen lovers will look to quality and performance over the next flashy thing.

Here are three of Montegrappa’s most popular vintage-style designs which have stood the test of time for the brand.

Elmo 01 (€175+)

A favorite of Hemingway, the Elmo design has been a perennial favorite for those who know and love this Italian brand. Referred to as “the people’s pen”, this design has been around since the 1920’s and is popular for its simplicity and understated elegance. With simple curves and subtle nuance, one can see the influence of Bauhaus design on this pen, which still resonates with collectors today.

Brenta (€425+)

A newer product in the Vintage lineup, the Brenta uses modern tooling techniques to recapture the glamorous briolette faceting that is a striking addition to the pen’s resin barrel. Coming in a polished black that captures the light – and imagination – when held.

Venetia (€345+)

The Venetia is arguably the most “vintage” in the Vintage Class of pens by Montegrappa. This is due, in part, to the small details which enhance its heritage look. Named after the city on the lagoon, this pen is meant to inspire and add an artistic flair, much like the namesake itself. Venetia’s barrel design has been modified for exclusives with Kenro Industries in the U.S., making it a perfect blank canvas for giving new life to an old favorite.

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