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5 Fountain Pens for 1000$

Acquiring the right Fountain Pen is often a matter of Budget. You have to find the best fit for the budget cap you’ve set aside or decided to spend on a fine Pen.
Today we’d like to give you an overview of 5 Top Fountain Pens i would personally go for at around 1000$.

Sailor King of Pen

Let’s be honest. The King of Pen needs some improvement. We want to see it with a Piston Filling Mechanism and maybe feel a bit more weight in hand when being used. But it doesn’t change the fact that when it comes to writing experience the 21kt oversize Nib is simply like writing with a Katana. The Sailor Nib is famous for being very soft and smooth, but still, when you write with it you can hear its sound flowing over paper.
It also is a juicy writer and doesn’t dry out even if you leave it on your Desk for about 2 weeks. 

Price 850$

Montblanc 149

The 149 is also known as The Diplomat and is probably as classic and iconic as it gets. You can obviously never go wrong with it. It’s an oversized Fountain Pen with an 18kt Gold Nib, available with Yellow Gold, Rosegold or Platinum Plated Metal Trims. Made in Hamburg and it features a Piston Filling Mechanism a Precious Resin Barrel and Cap and therefore has everything it requires to be a great daily companion.

Price 980$

Pilot Custom Urushi

If you’re looking for even more Japanese Feelings and a beautiful Urushi Hand Lacquered Body then the Pilot Custom Urushi is the Fountain Pen you need to get.
It features a stunning 18kt Gold Nib, but unfortunately only has a Converter/Cartridge Filling Mechanism. But the overall feeling of writing or holding the Pen is magnificent.

Price 1000$

Otto Hutt design07

If you’re looking for German engineering and quality then the design07 will be a great Match.
It comes in a lacquered version, but also in a 925 Sterling Silver version.
Again, probably the only missing thing here is a Piston Filling Mechanism. (Why not adding the design08 Pull&Twist Filling Mechanic on it?)
Overall, thanks to the Metal Barrel and Cap, the piece feels like something extraordinary.

Price 980$

Aurora Internazionale

Attention. It’s not guaranteed you’ll get the chance to go for one of these. The Aurora Internazionale is available in three colors, Black with Rosegold Trims, Blue with Yellow Gold Trims and Green with Yellow Gold Trims. The point is… this is a Limited Edition.
It has an astonishing Clip design and an overall Vintage Feel as it’s inspired to a Model from the 40’s. The Aurora Internazionale features an in-house Made 18kt Gold Nib with vintage engraving and is fitted with a Piston Filling Mechanism.

Price 1000$

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