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5 Otto Hutt Pens Between 100-300€

Known the world over as some of the best pens on the market today, it is surprising how affordable an Otto Hutt pen is. With their metal bodies, refined form, and clean writing performance, one could expect a pen from Otto Hutt to be worth about three times more than what it retails.

With this in mind, we are happy to help you select the best pens in the 100-300€ price range that we feel both encapsulate the brand’s outstanding performance and design, but also giving you the best value for your money.

design01 Sage Green – 125€ – Link

The newest colorway in the design01, the Sage Green is a great pen that’s just unique enough to set you apart from others who may enjoy a more subtle navy or black pen. The design01 an a wonderful entry-level pen that celebrates the linearity of Otto Hutt’s design philosophy while giving you a slim metal pen that fits comfortably in your hand.

design02 Honeycomb – 190€ – Link

A pristine example of design excellence, the Design02 in Honeycomb shows how intricate one can get on a metal-barreled pen while not losing any of the definition of the overall design. This is a pen that’s decorated without being “busy”. Incredibly beautiful and timeless, the Honeycomb Design02 marries form and function in one.

design03 All Black – 200€ – Link

Harkening back to a more retro design with softer curves to the overall silhouette, the Design03 has a bit of an edge with its matte black finish and PVD-coated nib. It’s a stunning example of upgrading a classic without deviating from the innate beauty of form.

design04 Ruthenium Grey – 250€ – Link

One of the most popular designs from Otto Hutt, the Design04 has a classic style that appeals to fountain pen veterans and newbies alike. With its subtle shape and elegant balance between the barrel and the cap, it’s a pen that is as timeless as it is versatile. The Ruthenium Grey adds a muted appeal for those who say that money talks, wealth whispers. 

design06 Lavender – 180€ – Link

A perfect shade to get in the mood for Springtime and Easter, the Lavender Design06 has a broad appeal among men and women alike. Otto Hutt deviated from their tonal palette on the Design06 models and it has definitely paid off. The curvature of this pen and its elegant shape match the subtle beauty of the Lavender colorway perfectly.

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