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5 Yellow Pens To Have in Your Collection

For most of my life, I have ignored the color yellow. I just thought of it as a bit too bright, a bit too ostentatious. But now I realize how wrong I was. Instead of looking at the supposed “faults” of yellow, I should have instead recognized the beauty of this color. In fact, I’d argue that yellow pens add a tonal distinction in a collection of pens, a great way to juxtapose against more sombre neutral pens that’s both intriguing and adds for some fun.

Here, I’ve collected the top five yellow pens on the market today which show the diversity of yellow pens available, while also showing that such a bright color really adds an additional layer of expression for many of these silhouettes.

Sailor King of Pens Urushi Yellow – $1305

As we know, Urushi is a prized piece of art for any pen collector and this lacquered yellow beauty is no different. The classic Sailor 1911 King of Pens is a wonderfully built pen with a cult following. This yellow lacquer is a bit golden, giving it a deeper, subtler charm than traditional yellows.

Montegrappa Miya 450 Limited Edition – $796

This yellow Miya has all the components of a luxury pen: handcrafted, well-constructed, and limited edition. With 100 pieces worldwide, it’s a pen that has character and rarity, making it a perfect pen for those who want something unique and special. The yellow here, as Montegrappa puts it, is evocative of a Mediterranean sun and only complements the Italian brand’s heritage and Italian excellence.

Pilot Capless Yellow – $205

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the sleek construction of Pilot’s capless pens. The yellow lacquer is a pop of color and is well complemented against the rhodium trim. With its innovative capless design, it’s a pen that has as much personality as it does beauty.

design05 by Otto Hutt – $105

Compact and shapely, the design05 shows the ways in which Otto Hutt can balance design and function perfectly. The metal pen is softened with a yellow checkered pattern on the barrel, making it a pocket friendly (and wallet friendly!) option for anyone looking to brighten their daily pen rotation.

Sailor Pro Gear Old-fashioned Cocktail – $432

Take a sip of the Pro Gear Old-Fashioned with this amber-colored demonstrator dream. The Pro Gear is a well-balanced pen for multiple writing styles and its classic shape will never go out of style. The yellow body of this pen only enhances the beauty and, being a lighter color, one is able to see the intricacies of the pen’s mechanisms much easier, which is a great plus for anyone who loves a demonstrator pen.

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