Accutron Oversize Estie – Two Worlds United

We firmly believe that watches and pens make a really nice pair. We even wrote an article on this topic a few months ago. Today we are going to be looking at Accutron Oversize Estie, a fountain pen designed by Esterbrook in collaboration with Accutron. Driven by the same ideals of innovation, quality and originality, these two brands have joined forces to create a writing instrument that best characterises them both. Before we get into the pen’s features, let’s briefly discover some of the most important facts about Esterbrook and Accutron.

Founded in 1856 by Richard Esterbrook, the company had been producing nibs for over 75 years when it introduced its first fountain pen in 1933. Moreover, in 1900 Esterbrook was considered one of the largest nib manufacturers of the world. Among the personalities who used Esterbrook Pens over the years are U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy as well as famous artists such as Carl Barks the Disney artist who brought Donald Duck to life with an Esterbrook No. 356 and Charles Schulz, creator of ‘Peanuts’ who used the No. 914 for all his comics. 

It was back in 1960 when Accutron launched and revolutionised the timekeeping industry with the introduction of the first truly electronic timepiece driven by a tuning fork vibrating at 360-480 times a second. Accutron’s higher frequency gave it an accuracy of one minute per month, which was a great achievement at the time. Moreover, it was the only watch that was accurate enough for space travel, that’s why the Accutron technology was used by NASA on dozens of missions. 

“Accutron and Esterbrook Pens are two storied American brands who share the same DNA,” to quote Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “Pioneering their respective industries with the spirit of innovation, both brands made history and continue to do so today through their collaborative projects.”

Let’s move on to the fountain pen and see what makes it so special. First and foremost, the pen is made from a proprietary Diamond Cast formula in Accutron’s iconic green hue blended with gold and diamond dust and looks astonishing. The shape, which is reminiscent of 1930s models, gives the pen a kind of retro feel. Each pen is fitted with a cushion cap closure to provide a secondary seal to ensure an easy start. Each 18k gold nib is specially crafted for Esterbrook by German maker Jowo and is available in medium size. Located right in the middle of the nib, there is the Accutron Tuning Fork logo finely engraved.

As for the filling mechanism, the pen can be filled with both cartridges and converter. In terms of dimensions, the pen is well-proportioned – it’s similar to a Montblanc Le Grand. It just feels comfortable in the hand and with just 33 grams, the pen is ideal for daily use. Being a limited edition, there are only 100 fountain pens worldwide each one numbered on the cap and priced at $750. 

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