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Caran d’Ache Léman Bleu Alpin and Léman Bordeaux collection – an ode to Lac Léman

Well known for their cutting-edge technology, long tradition and precious metals, Caran d’Ache strikes again, adding another 2 refined colours to the Léman collection. Recently released, these novelties embody elegance in every way. You can choose between a Fountain Pen or a Ballpoint Pen for both Alpine Bleu and Burgundy colors.

Once again, the most beautiful colours exuded by Lake Geneva are presented to us in a very distinguished manner by the famous Swiss manufacturer. While the Léman Bordeaux is inspired by the warm color tones of the Lake’s water under the setting sun, the Léman Bleu Alpin comes in antithesis to capture the colder part of the Swiss surroundings embodied by the Alpine glaciers… For more than 20 years the magical surroundings of Switzerland have become muses for the manufacturer’s designers who create these superb masterpieces. Now, let’s start our journey by discovering each individual model, along with all their specifications.

Léman Bleu Alpin 

The fountain pen has a round brass body which is covered with alpine bleu laquer and a colourless matte varnish. As we have seen in previous models of the collection, the Caran d’Ache logo and Swiss Made are engraved on the ring. Features such as rhodium and silver-coated clip and button as well as cap button carrying an identification Caran d’Ache – laquered hexagon in alpine bleu color – can be found on the fountain pen. A nib made from solid 18k gold is rhodium-coated and is ready to glide gracefully over the paper in 3 nib widths: F, M, B.

Equipped with an ink pump but also compatible with all small cartridges from Caran d’Ache Chromatics, the fountain pen comes in a Gift box containing the fountain pen itself but also a 50 ml ink bottle that matches the writing instrument. 

The price for the gift box is 500 EUR

Léman Bordeaux

With the same features like the other fountain pen but in a burgundy colour, the Léman Bordeaux also comes in a Gift box containing the fountain pen along with the 50 ml limited edition ink bottle in burgundy tones.

Ballpoint Pen 

As I said in the beginning, the collection also contains a Ballpoint Pen for both Bleu Alpin and Bordeaux colours. The body features are the same in terms of finishing and shape but the Ballpoint Pen is provided with a precision rotative mechanism for optimum user comfort and comes equipped with the famous giant Goliath cartridge in Medium Black. 

Since the Ballpoint Pen is sold individually, the packaging – a standard black case covered with an alpine blue or burgundy sheath depending from one model to another – is different.

The price for the Ballpoint pen is 280 EUR.

To conclude, Caran d’Ache surprised us once again with these fantastic colours and I am pretty sure that many collectors will consider adding Bleu Alpin and Bordeaux colours of Léman to their collections..

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