Pelikan Series 205 Petrol-Marbled – A special edition of a classic story

Pelikan is going to launch a special edition series which will be available from 22nd April 2021. Today I’m going to reveal to you this fantastic series and since I’m a huge fan of the classic line, I’m pretty sure that Pelikan Series 205 Petrol-Marbled will definitely catch your attention. Let’s discover this beauty together..

The collection consists of both a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen that come in a beautiful petrol-marble finish. Due to the bright colour pigments as well as the pearly-shining elements of each model, you’ll get an impressive-looking writing instrument.

In terms of features, the barrel of each model is crafted from a high-quality resin material with Pelikan’s specific marble design, in shades of blue and green to enhance a refined air. Along with the fountain pen’s body, fine details with a silver appearance can be spotted due to the highly polished elements such as rings, the clip and also the nib. The manufacturer’s logo is located as a distinctive sign on the finial, in silver on a black background.

The fountain pen also comes with a differential piston mechanism, so you can easily charge the ink reservoir. Talking about dimensions the fountain pen measures 4.92 inches when capped and has a diameter of 0.46 inches. The nibs come in 4 widths EF, F, M and B to match all the handwriting preferences.

The fountain pen is joined in the collection by a K205 ballpoint pen in the same petrol-marbled finish with a push-button and I think it will be nice to have both models on your desk for different scenarios. For each model there is a limited quantity available so make sure you keep an eye on the models after they are released. In terms of prices, the retail price for the fountain pen is 155 EUR while the ballpoint pen will cost around 139 EUR.

Finally, I think that the special edition embodying the deep yet calming petrol-marbled finish which will be launched by Pelikan will find its place in the homes of many enthusiasts and lovers of the Pelikan brand. Moreover, the classic series has always been delightful, and this model comes with an elegant and modern finish and if you consider the price, is a pretty good one for the overall qualities of the pen..

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