DELTA is Back in Business

Sad was the day when Delta closed its doors back in 2017 and fans remember it very well as many of them developed such a fondness for the Italian brand. Unique ornaments, rare materials and that Italian flair for which Delta became widely known… all gone for a while. But I’d say those days are long gone, as Delta is back in business launching its first edition, to the delight of those eagerly awaiting a return.

While some may be pretty familiar with Delta and its historical background, others may have heard the name for the first time, which I doubt… However, let’s briefly retrace Delta’s journey in the pen industry, highlighting its most iconic editions. Co-founded in 1982 by Nino Marino, Delta marked its presence in the industry by launching a series of impressive collections with extraordinary decorations. 

From the graceful “Delta Venezia ” in marbled celluloid and Vermeil trim (declared “the pen of the city of Venice” by the mayor itself), or the iconic “Delta Dolcevita”, to the “Jvbilaevm 2000” which commemorated the Holy year of Jubilee and the beginning of the third millennium, Delta’s collections were inspired not only by the art of writing, but also by significant historical moments, great cities, personalities, or cultures and we hope to see the same orientation towards values, traditions and innovation now that the brand is back.

Delta Limited Edition Venezia
Delta Dolcevita

After the brand closed its doors (in 2017), Nino Marino’s creative spirit pushed him to constantly think of new ways to carry forward his passion for writing instruments, and within a year the Maiora Pen Company was born. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Italian artist, who would pass on his knowledge and artistic vision through Maiora from now on.

There were already some rumours in the pen community about the return of Delta, but nothing official until the first news appeared on 3 November 2021 announcing: “The Maiora Pen Company of Naples, Italy has acquired the rights to the Delta Pen Company. The material rights are: all of Delta’s goods, all of Delta’s materials warehouse, all of Delta’s equipment, all of Delta’s machinery and all of Delta’s furnishings, all the patents, and the entire history and images of the Delta company.” 

According to Nino Marino, Delta’s long-awaited return is expected during 2022 thus also marking 40 years since its foundation. And since nothing could honour such a grand event better than a pen, Delta will launch the “39+1” edition to celebrate its return.

Consisting of only 399 pieces available worldwide, the collection is made of a rare celluloid with a very unique design and as exquisite as it may look, it’s the innovative concept it brings with it that makes it special, and I’m referring to the weight balancing system, patented under the name “Write Balance” which was designed to offer the user a personalised comfort, according to Nino Marino. 

Innovation doesn’t always have to be complicated and neither is this system. In fact, it’s quite clever! At the end of the barrel is a threaded cone, and within that cone is a two-gram gold-plated removable weight. When the weight is inserted into the cone, the fountain pen’s balance is towards the back end, meaning that the user’s hand is more involved in the writing. Oftentimes preferred by calligraphers and lettering artists, this centre of gravity allows for greater control of the fountain pen’s movement. When the weight is removed from the “39+1”, the balance shifts towards the front of the pen, meaning that the pen is doing the work, not your hand, which is great especially for longer writing sessions and more casual writing.

Now, how practical do you find it to be able to choose the best personal balance for your grip and writing characteristics? For most users, comfort during long writing sessions is vital, and I’m sure this technological innovation will delight many. 

In terms of the writing experience, Delta has remained true to its values, which means that the cartridge/converter/eyedropper-filling fountain pen comes equipped with an 18k gold Delta nib finely engraved with the Delta signature logo available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1 widths.

Aesthetically, the new Delta “39+1” boasts a unique, well-contoured silhouette and showcases a very exquisite design. The mottled brown and black celluloid is hand turned and highly polished to match the gold-plated appointments. The barrel features a deeply curved grip section (providing the user with more comfort) leading into gold-plated threading. From there, the barrel flares into a rounded body that feels substantial in the hand, ending in the conical blind cap that contains the two-gram weight balance. 

The straight-bodied cap ends in a taper, a characteristic element of Italian-pen design. The place where the barrel twists off for the triple filling is marked by a single gold-plated barrel ring towards the section whereas a gold band at the conical tip is engraved with the edition number. The gold-plated roller clip features Delta logo engraving. Right below the cap’s finial, a 925 sterling silver gold-plated band finely engraved in relief with an ancient Pompeian decoration encircles the cap, giving the pen that Italian flair! In fact, this typical ornament appeared on all of Delta’s most prestigious fountain pens over the past years.

If you want to get your hands on one, you should be a little more patient, as the new Delta “39+1” fountain pen will be available from September 2022 and it will sell for EUR 1290.

As I admire this new Delta pen, I realise that the story really continues. Nothing has changed in terms of design or quality, this edition exudes the same Italian flair we’ve been accustomed to and I’m pretty confident in saying that the best is yet to come. Perhaps like many of you, I look forward to Delta’s journey in the Pen Industry!

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