design01 by Otto Hutt is enriched with new shades

Carrying a fancy pen with you all the time could be pretty stressful, and nothing is more painful than losing one in a coffee shop, on a train, or anywhere else. And if you’ve experienced similar situations before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. In such cases, you probably need a sturdy pen that simply gets the job done while being aesthetically pleasing, and I may have found something for that: the design01 by Otto Hutt. Three new shades have recently joined the series and one is particularly cool! 

Dark blue, black and sage green (perhaps my favourite) have been added to the series’ existing colour palette making design01 even more inviting. Now, let me tell you what I like about this pen, which is also the most affordable in Otto Hutt’s range of writing instruments. 

Besides its very classic design and clean aesthetics, the pen in this line are unpretentious and fit almost any scenario. Sturdy enough thanks to its solid brass construction, yet very elegant due to the multiple finishing processes it goes through before reaching the final stage, design01 is simply an essential pen that I’d carry with me everywhere. I wouldn’t worry about dropping it, although it’s better to be careful, the point is that it feels like a solid pen, and I notice that even while writing. 

With a weight of about 25 g and a length of 13.5 cm, the pen is well balanced. It feels like a quality writing instrument and even though it looks quite thin, the handling is great! 

The new design01 editions are ruthenium-coated and are offered as fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil. Available on or at any authorised retailer.

Fountain Pen: 125,00
Rollerball Pen: 110,00
Ballpoint Pen: €85,00
Mechanical Pencil: €85,00

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