design03 – A solid base to build on

Solidity. If there is one word that summarizes perfectly the perception I have of Otto Hutt as a brand, it would be solidity. And if there is one model that synthesizes this perception perfectly, it’s their design03. Let me show you how this model could build the base of a future writing instrument collection without being sophisticated but nevertheless being refined.

Let me start by saying this. The first time I touched a design03 from Otto Hutt, I thought it was made of porcelain. Admittedly, it was the version in white with rose gold finish and therefore, maybe the color misled me. However, the incredible solidity of this writing instrument impressed me immediately. And, since it captured my attention from a certain distance (it was around 6-7 meters), with its shiny finish, I really thought that this model was belonging to a very sophisticated category of writing instruments. None of all this. As soon as you get closer to the design03, you immediately recognize the essential design typical from Otto Hutt. Even though, there are a few details that the designers have really emphasized without being dominant. A real exercise of balance.

As evident from the images, the shape of the design03, in particular the ballpoint and the mechanical pencil, is inspired by the early writing instruments from the beginning of the 20th century. The cylindric shape, the pushbutton mechanism as well as the completely visible clip are clear homages to the first mechanic writing instruments back in the early days. None of this, however, affects the purist charm of this model. Also the range of colors chosen for the design03 is reminding me of some writing instruments that I remember to have seen on the desk of my beloved grandfather. In particular the two-tone “navygrey”, as they call it, variant is a real joy to touch and to look at. If paired with a vintage watch, a turtleneck jersey and a tweed jacket it simply looks sick.

In addition, the design03 is one of the few writing instruments, that has a dedicated finish in particular for our female audience. In fact, on the episode mentioned above, my first encounter with a design03, my attention was captured by the white & rose gold finish. A very bright and, allow me the term, feminine variant that could match perfectly with a bracelet or a ring in rose gold finish, so “en vogue” in the last years. Maybe your next wedding anniversary gift? As a last detail that I really want to mention on the design03, let me show you a quite hidden characteristic of the different versions. Did you know that you can distinguish each design03 from the side, without opening the cap or pushing the button? No? Well, the engineers at Otto Hutt have thought about a tiny but significant detail that distinguishes every variant from the other; the position of the logo on the side. No joke, folks. The mechanical pencil, the ballpoint pen, the rollerball and the fountain pen have the o|h logo always on a different place. How cool is that?! Because simple doesn’t mean easy. This is only one of the details that shows how much love and engagement the people at Otto Hutt put into their works.

From a purely technical point of view, the design03 is made out of brass elements. The barrel sleeve is shaped by precise CNC turning before it takes on its matte finish by glass spheres blasting. The cap sleeve is milled from one piece of brass and then refined, the decoration partly lacquered and partly milled in. And all this is very much perceived as soon as you touch it. The solid feeling under your fingers is so relaxing and fresh. This is why on the first instance, I thought it was porcelain. The writing instrument was actually cold and therefore comfortable. With its over 50gr it’s rather on the heavy side of life. But you know, solidity has its weight.

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