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Enjoy your vacation!

The well deserved vacation time is coming up and independently from where you will spend some time with your friends and family to relax, the vacation period is often a good time to reflect on what has been done until now as well as being inspired for some new projects which can be tackled after your holiday. However, to capture good ideas or any reflections that might come up on the deckchair, one should be always ready to write down the thoughts. A couple of hints on why it is advantageous to always have your beloved writing instrument with you.

Many of us will probably not travel too far away from home this year due to the extraordinary conditions that we have at the moment. If you however think about your activities during your vacation, they are often related to writing instruments and I had quite a few moments where I was very happy to have my writing instrument with me at the beach club. Due to the circumstances we will typically look at ballpoint pens or, even better, roller balls with a cap, with a possibly streamlined design that fits easily into a wallet, small bag and that is protected from dust and sand.

The road is the destination

Even though we might not be traveling as in the past years, we all need to relax after the hectic and yet anxious period of the lockdown. And I’m sure that also because of this, we will spend our free time much more consciously. So even the journey itself should be a time to enjoy and perhaps discover new places or new “points of view”. This is why a good pen could become a trusty companion at least as our travel wallet is. Where else can you store your cards, tickets, notes, money and of course your faithful pen? There are several models and sizes, with or without zipper and also different materials. A noteworthy point on small leather goods: if you have the chance, go for a customisation like your initials or your family emblem. Lovely detail!

Time for inspiration

It isn’t rare that while you are spending your time relaxing on the side of the pool or on the beach, you spend your time reading a good book or as I do, reading some magazines about your favourite topics. While you’re reading and your mind is traveling through time and fantasy, at some point you get a genius idea and it would be extremely helpful to have a notebook and a pen to write down, sketch a scheme or a plan or whatever comes to your mind. Another point worth to mention is that, you want to pay attention to the paper that has been used for your notebook. Good paper, where your pen is smoothly sliding over it, is gold dust if you are writing having the book over your legs or over any other surface that is not a table. So make sure you may try writing on the notebook in order to check this before you actually buy it. The experience will be incomparable.

The winner takes it all

Another situation where you will be happy to have a pen with you is the moment when you need to write down the points of your favourite card game or while you play your sudoku or maybe resolving the latest crossword puzzle. In other words, you want to make sure that you win in style! Right? As well in this case, in my opinion bringing a nice fountain pen to the beach might be slightly pretentious. But there is no reason to not have a nice, handy and not too delicate ballpoint pen with you and make sure that also on the beach, your writing habits are not getting ruined by a inadequate pen.

Always classy

So as you can see above, also in vacation, there are plenty of occasion to use your writing instruments and make sure that you are not only wearing your classy sunglasses, your favourite watch and your nice polo and tailor-made shorts but also make a statement whenever you have to write down something. We haven’t talked about all the other nice things you can do in your vacation with a pen such as writing a beautiful old school postcard or a sweet card to your partner that you put into the gift you will give her or him. Enjoy your vacation and take care.

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