Esterbrook Estie Nouveau Blue – Inspired by Mucha’s shades of blue

Some writing instruments are designed to be purely functional, while others combine functionality with aesthetics, drawing inspiration from various sources to become unique. Speaking of unique pens, today we are going to be looking at Esterbrook’s Estie Nouveau Bleu Gold, a charming collection inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s eau de nil blue, a color often used by the artist in his illustrations.

Before we introduce you to the collection itself, let’s find out who Alphonse Mucha was and what he is known for. Well, Mucha was a Czech painter, illustrator and graphic artist who spent most of his life in Paris. Through his famous posters, which truly reflected the rich texture of modern life in fin-de-siècle Paris, he built an unmistakable style for which he is still remembered today. He became widely and commercially known for his advertising work on everything from perfumes to cigarette papers, champagne and chocolate. Besides the rich, warm, pastel tones of colours he used to create most of his artworks, Mucha is also known for a signature eau de nil blue that he used to clothe the women in lush drapery, illuminate the skies behind them, give them wings and surround them with waves of water. 

Not only at the time, but also today, the innovation of Mucha’s work is considered characteristic of the Art Nouveau style and the Czech artist’s approach is often seen as revolutionary. Therefore, as a tribute to the artist, Esterbrook has blended the iconic shades of blue from Mucha’s illustrations and created a collection with a unique charisma.

The Estie Nouveau Blue comes with a well-balanced construction and is available as a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint pen, depending on taste. The classic shape of each pen is beautifully complemented by a unique interplay of Mucha blues displayed along the barrel and cap in a marbled finish. To emphasise the spectacular pattern, each pen is highly polished until a mirror gloss effect is achieved. In beautiful contrast with the blue hues, the ornaments are available in both golden and chrome finishes.

The fountain pen is equipped with a steel nib made exclusively for Esterbrook by Jowo Germany, and users can choose between extra fine, fine, medium, broad and 1.1 stub, depending on their preference. To fill up the pen, you can either use cartridges or a converter. A nice feature that we find very useful is the cushion cap closure, which provides a secondary seal to prevent the ink from drying out. 

If you’re looking to add this beauty to your collection, note that each pen comes packaged with an Estie Nouveau Blue Journal Book. 

Esterbrook Estie Nouveau Blue Fountain Pen – $195
Esterbrook Estie Nouveau Blue Rollerball Pen – $148
Esterbrook Estie Nouveau Blue Ballpoint Pen – $100

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