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Five Beautiful Mechanical Pencils To Consider

The first spring-loaded mechanical pencil was patented in 1877 and with that, a new type of writing instruments was added to the existing ones. It was just the beginning, if we look at how far technology has come and how much the mechanical pencil has improved. Today, we are going to be looking at five beautiful mechanical pencils that deserve a little attention. That said, whether you use them for taking notes, sketching or simply handwriting, the mechanical pencils might be a great alternative to the wooden pencils. Although there is a serious debate on which of these two writing tools is better, there are many reasons why you should consider a mechanical pencil instead of a traditional one.

Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Wood Pernambuco 

Classic and iconic. This mechanical pencil has always fascinated us by its simplicity. Besides the textured barrel and those fine, specific details on the cap, there are not other details that draw attention. However, this pen evokes so much elegance and you’ll notice that right away. Carefully crafted using the highest quality materials, it’s simply unmistakable. The finely ribbed barrel is made from Pernambuco wood, normally used for violin bows thanks to its properties, and the metal components are platinum-plated. Each mechanical pencil uses 0.7 break resistant leads and it’s provided with a reservoir for spare leads. The 40g weight of it might be an issue for those who prefer lighter writers, however the pen is well-balanced and feels nice in hand. The uniqueness of this pen is given by the natural differences in grain and colour of the Pernambuco wood, that said no pen will look the same.

Price: EUR 326

Lamy imporium

Designed by Mario Bellini, a renowned Italian designer, the Lamy imporium has a clean yet very stylish design. The horizontal lines on the grip section are blending harmoniously with the vertical lines on the barrel. Lamy used a combination of top-shelf materials for its construction such as gold, platinum and titanium all beautifully finished with the use of top quality PVD coatings and galvanisation in a range of designs. The mechanical pencil works with a twist-action mechanism and uses 0.7mm leads. In terms of performance, those horizontal lines around the grip section ensure a comfortable writing experience which means you can use this writer even for longer writing sessions.

Price: EUR 284

Caran d’Ache Gold-Plated Varius China Black

Sophistication meets Swiss precision. Maison Caran d’Ache has set its own quality standards over the years, but never ceases to impress us with their precision. This one has sparked our interest since it was launched and you can tell why. It has a nice hexagonal shape and it’s covered in Chinese lacquer accompanied by gold-plated elements. It uses 0.7mm leads and comes equipped with an eraser placed under the push-button. Speaking of performance, the hexagonal shape ensures good handling while writing and the lacquer feels so smooth to touch offering a comfortable writing experience.

Price: EUR 620

Otto Hutt design01 Black Lacquer Striped

Clean aesthetics and maximum functionality. Otto Hutt has excellent writing implements and they also produce mechanical pencils. Many of them are beautiful, but design01 is the one that always comes to mind because it has such a timeless and clean look. The body is made of solid brass, then it’s lacquered and carefully polished after every additional layer of lacquer. This is how each mechanical pencil achieves an intense coloration and a mirror shining finish. But it’s not all about the appearance, the pen is also performing very nice. The pen uses 0.7mm leads and comes equipped with an eraser. The fact that it weighs only 23g makes it pretty comfortable for extended writing sessions. If you consider the price, this mechanical pencil might easily become your everyday carry pen for any kind of context.

Price: EUR 86

Yard-O-Led Perfecta Victorian

Victorian designs in hand-chased 925 Sterling Silver. The British company founded by Ludwig Brenner has created beautiful mechanical pencils for over 85 years. Well, we saw many beautiful mechanical pencils, but this one is a feast for the eyes. It has a slim silhouette and it’s crafted of sterling silver with a Victorian pattern beautifully engraved by hand which gives the pen its uniqueness. Although it’s made of sterling silver, it doesn’t feel heavy while writing, but it looks so beautiful that you tend to stare at it instead of writing. If you are a collector or simply appreciate unique writing instruments, you might consider adding a Yard-O-Lead mechanical pencil to your collection. Thanks to its sterling silver body, it will develop a really nice patina over time.

Price: EUR 482

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