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Five beautiful nib designs

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I look at when buying a pen is definitely the nib and I hope we can all agree that the nib is the heart of the pen and and plays an important role in the overall appearance of a writing instrument. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, a beautiful nib decoration will not only elevate your pen, but your entire writing experience.

Today I’d like to introduce you to five beautiful nib designs that will probably go down in history as the most iconic. Classic or bold, each of the nibs below exudes tradition, craftsmanship and ingenuity. Let’s discover them together!


If we were to compare vintage Montblanc nibs with the more recent ones, we see that the latter have been beautifully refined and restyled while preserving the elements that have established the brand. Easy to spot from miles away, a classic Montblanc nib is by far one of the most beloved and recognisable on the market, but today we turn our attention to a truly special nib in their portfolio and it’s about the famous “snake nib” of the Montblanc Agatha Christie Writers Edition 1993. 

Graf von Faber-Castell

I have to admit, there’s something regal about Graf von Faber-Castell nibs and I’m talking about the ones that equip the pens in the guilloche and classic series. However, the nib on the Intuition Platino Wood Grenadilla is the most beautifully decorated of all. We don’t know why the German brand didn’t use the same nib design for the Classic Series models, but maybe they will consider doing so with other models.


Montegrappa has accustomed us to different decorations of their nibs over the years, but the one that has the most charisma and seems so specific to the Italian brand is the nib design of the Extra 1930 models embellished by a finely engraved Greek fret pattern.


When it comes to Visconti, you probably already anticipate which nib we’re referring to. It’s the one on the Homo Sapiens models is decorated with a symbol which looks like fleur-de-lis. Also very distinguished and iconic for Visconti.


While many would say that aside from the anchor logo that differentiates the Sailor pen from Montblanc’s the two designs are quite similar, I can’t agree. Indeed, there are some slight similarities, but the difference in appearance is noticeable and the two can’t be confused, in fact Sailor stands out in a unique way with both the fine engravings and the slimmer silhouette of the nib. In my humble opinion, the beauty of the Sailor nib is characterised by simplicity and subtlety and those who appreciate that will always consider a Sailor fountain pen.

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