Thirsty for a New Pen? Try a Gin Cocktail from Sailor

Sailor remains one of my favorite brands, and not because of the outstanding writing experience they provide. It’s also because of their unparalleled design qualities that resonate more closely to my own personal preferences. The clean lines of their ProGear series, matched with a comfortable, balanced body and high-performance nib all culminate in my understanding why Sailor is a global favorite.

But I will say, being a Japanese brand, not all of their products tend to make it to the Western markets. This is probably a good thing for my wallet. 

Happily enough, a new collection from Sailor has entered the market. Inspired by gin cocktails, this line-up of pens includes interpretations of classics such as the Around the World, Violet Fizz, Blue Train, Argentina, and Gin Martini. Each pen has a color inspired by the cocktail with a complementary finial and cap-piece. While you may not know each of these gin cocktails (or even be a gin drinker!) you can’t deny the playfulness and creativity that has gone behind these colorways. My favorite? The gin martini, which is paired with an olive finial and a corresponding pimento-colored tip. It’s heavenly.

These Sailors aren’t all looks. They pack the same performance as the Standard ProGear. The nib is a 21-karat gold nib, giving it a buttery-smooth writing experience. Because this is a Japanese pen, the nibs are finer (Fine, Medium-Fine, and Medium) but have none of the scratchiness of other super-fine nibs in the Western market.

It’s great to see a playful take on an unexpected inspiration that is at once sophisticated and not at all a caricature of its source material. Given the rise in popularity of Japanese gin over the years, this seems to be a match made in heaven (and in a cocktail shaker!) for the brand. I look forward to see what’s ahead in 2023 and, in the meantime, I’ll have a martini with a twist while I wait.

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