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Five Executive Fountain Pens

For the discerning gentleman, he knows that a fountain pen can only enhance the overall uniform for the workplace. His tie, his suit, his shoes – they’re all important, but lest he forget the accessories as well. In fact, I believe that a fountain pen is one of those accessories that, while often forgotten, has the right amount of status and usefulness to be on any executive’s desk.

Here are our top five picks for the professional executive looking to impress anyone from the boardroom to business meetings and everywhere in between.

Montblanc 149

A mainstay on Inkstable, the Montblanc 149 mixes heritage design with a recognizable brand, giving one the element of sophistication whenever that familiar snowcap emblem is seen. The 149 has a great weight to it, making it a pen that’s comfortable to hold but the resin body reduces weight, which makes it perfect for signing contracts throughout the day in style.

Pilot Custom Urushi Black

This pen may seem standard, but it’s anything but. An impressive option that highlights technical craftsmanship with a subtle design, the Urushi Black can be seen as the dark horse of the Pilot line and, perhaps, the best option on the list for someone who appreciates subtle design with a powerful finish.

Otto Hutt design07 Striped Guilloche Sterling Silver 

This is a pen made for any executive. As with all Otto Hutts, the metal body makes this a heavier pen which adds weight and pathos when writing with it. Coming in ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain pen, one can choose (or buy all three) which option suits their everyday needs. Being a metal pen, engraving is a great option here, making it a pen that can be customized to commemorate an anniversary milestone.

Photo courtesy of The Scribe Co

Montegrappa Extra 1930 Black & White

Harkening back to a design silhouettes that even our grandfathers would have loved the Montegrappa Extra 1930 is a great everyday fountain pen that’s built on over 100 years of heritage. Made from a celluloid body in swirls of white, black, and grey, alongside the Greek key detailing, and one feels the Art Deco inspiration in this one, a favorite of many Mad Men-era executives.

Photo credit: Pen Venture

Namiki Emperor Urushi Black

Like the Pilot above, the Namiki Emperor is a pen that whispers wealth but doesn’t announce it. The Urushi finish on this pen gives it a luxurious feel that shows that you care about finer things while also having a modern taste. If you’re a VP, there’s no doubt you’ll want this pen.

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